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WOW Aceleradora

WOW is the biggest Brazilian startup accelerator backed by Angel investors. They use Sheetgo to consolidate reporting from 100+ startups saving 1300 hours per year. 

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Eko-Okna is Europe’s largest producer of aluminum and uPVC windows, doors, and shutters. They use Sheetgo to automate work schedules for 50 production halls to save 1079 hours a year.

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Triporate is a platform that makes booking your business trips easier using artificial intelligence. They use Sheetgo to automate their invoices to reduce emails and saving 201 hours each year.

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Spotahome is an online booking platform for non-vacation home rentals. The company specializes in mid-to-long term rentals. They use Sheetgo to automate and track finance processes saving them 550 hours every year.

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Quantum Spatial

Quantum Spatial Incorporated is a geospatial data firm. They use Sheetgo to automate its forecast expenses and actual expenses from multiple offices saving them 1480 hours every year.

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Pasadena ISD

Pasadena ISD prepares students for higher education and workplace environments. They use Sheetgo to automate a remediation system linking students to teachers saving them 360 hours yearly.

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RatedPower offers pvDesign, a cloud-based software to carry out the design and engineering of utility-scale solar photovoltaic plants. They use Sheetgo to automate their invoices saving them 277 hours per year.

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Mercy Corps

Mercy Corps is an international non-profit working in more than 40 countries around the world. Sheetgo has helped Mercy Corps fulfill its needs by getting different spreadsheets ‘talk to one another’  Read their story.

Trumbull Center

TCTC works with 20 schools providing students career tech education. They use Sheetgo to create an automated workflow to plan courses, schedules, etc. saving them at least 120 hours every year.

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Siguetuliga is a social sports platform in Spain with over two million users. The first thing that would save them at least 144 hours was Sheetgo’s CSV import feature crossing data with Google Analytics reports.

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CHEF514 brings back a sense of real food by connecting humans together for better taste, deals, and meaning. Sheetgo is the back-end of their app collectinig data from farmers and chefs saving them 744 hours yearly.

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