Delassus Group: Automating the management of budgeting and cost control

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Delassus Group combines the data from multiple Excel spreadsheets into Google Sheets. With Sheetgo, they are able to save time and money by analyzing data more rapidly and easily.

Setting up an automated reporting system

  • Cumbersome to manipulate all the data
  • Expense analysis every 4-6 months only
  • Struggle to track 1 to 2 million items per week

In their flower division, Delassus Group uses Excel to extract and analyze data from the ERP software. However, it was cumbersome to manipulate, analyze and report the large amount of data they have to keep.

Farm record keeping was such a daunting task because they need to count every single stem they harvest. This was very challenging since they produce between 1 to 2 million stems per week.

“It was only every 4, 5, 6 months that we were looking into how we are in terms of costs because it was very cumbersome to compute the data.”

Ali Bennani-Smires, General Manager of Clémentine, the flower division of the Delassus Group

In addition, Delassus Group was also struggling to keep track of all their expenses so they needed to find a better solution. It was so hard to manipulate and analyze all the data that they used to carry out a cost analysis every 4 or 6 months only.

Their challenge was to build an automated workflow that would allow them to extract and merge all the data seamlessly and at any given time.

Smart data visualization with Sheetgo

  • 100% automated workflows to merge all the data
  • 10+ employees benefit from Sheetgo workflows
  • Bi-weekly reports with Sheetgo and Google Sheets
  • Effortless data exploration and visualization
With Sheetgo, Delassus created an automated workflow to merge and consolidate a large amount of data inside Google Sheets. This allows them to have all the data they need at their fingertips.

Their employees still use Excel to extract and visualize data from the ERP software, but their General Manager is now able to connect all the files and consolidate the information with the Sheetgo add-on for Google Sheets.

“Sheetgo enables me to get data from the production and from the costs, and combine it into one single spreadsheet.”

Ali Bennani-Smires, General Manager of Clémentine, the flower division of the Delassus Group

As a result, they are now able to visualize the data more rapidly and create bi-weekly reports. Unlike in the past, they don’t need to wait 4, 5, or 6 months to perform an expense analysis. Thanks to Sheetgo, they are able to track their expenses effortlessly and get a much more accurate picture of their business.

More effective management of budgeting and cost control

  • Data analysis made simple
  • From 2-3 reports per year to bi-weekly reports
  • Making informed decisions that save them money
After simplifying data visualization with Sheetgo, their management of budgeting and cost control has become much more effective.

By performing a financial analysis more frequently, they are able to make informed decisions that save them time and money.

“For me, Sheetgo is a way to see things faster… At the end of the day, it will make you save a lot of money because if you see that you are spending way too much money on something, your reaction time will be ten times faster.”

Ali Bennani-Smires, General Manager of Clémentine, the flower division of the Delassus Group

Delassus Group no longer faces the challenge of manipulating and analyzing a large amount of data. With Sheetgo, financial analysis has become more simple and more effective than ever.
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Delassus Group is a Moroccan grower of snacking tomatoes, citrus, grapes, avocados, and flowers. It manages 3,000 ha and exports up to 100,000 t / year. It employs over 6,000 dedicated employees.


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