Impact Hub Floripa: An automated matchmaking solution for business mentoring in startup communities

ImpactHub Floripa team
Using Sheetgo, the Impact Hub team save up to 8 hours per event with a custom workflow that uses the Connect feature to manage and transfer data between their spreadsheets.

As a result, Impact Hub have been able to automate their matchmaking service for entrepreneurial mentoring.

Replacing manual matchmaking with an automated solution

  • Registering and matching mentors and mentees
  • Time-consuming process to do manually
  • Struggle to find an efficient solution for their needs
Impact Hub Floripa provides a mentoring service to match new entrepreneurs with experienced business leaders to offer guidance and insight. After entrepreneurs can register their interest and seek guidance on specific issues, those with knowledge and experience offer to share their expertise with the community. Impact Hub then organizes workshops and mentoring sessions to bring the two groups together.

Before Sheetgo, the team at Impact Hub carried out the matchmaking process manually, which was extremely slow and inefficient. They needed a solution that could aid them in this process, saving them valuable time.

“Individually matching each new entrepreneur to a potential mentee who could provide the right guidance was too time-consuming to do manually – it would take us a full working day.”

Arianne Kern | Program Coordinator, Impact Hub Floripa

Impact Hub Floripa reached out to us looking to automate their matchmaking process. They needed to merge their mentor and mentee databases together into one place so that they could easily find a mentoring match.

They quickly realized that Sheetgo would allow them to create a workflow that would easily connect their spreadsheets, as well as automate the data transferral process for the latest matchmaking results.

Effortless, automated community mentoring with Sheetgo

  • Filter and merge data for automated matchmaking
  • Built alongside the use of Google Forms
  • Automation schedule for the latest data
Through Sheetgo, Impact Hub have created a simple yet powerful custom workflow that merges and analyzes their data to automatically find appropriate matches between budding entrepreneurs and experienced business owners.

Firstly, using Google Forms, entrepreneurs looking for a mentor can quickly and easily register their interest, selecting the industry or issue, and their availability. Mentors also volunteer through Google Forms, indicating their area of expertise and their availability. The form submissions are then connected to a corresponding spreadsheet where mentor and mentee data is kept.

“Our matchmaking for mentors and mentees is now automated and this process, which used to be handled manually and took the team an entire day of work, can now be handled in a few minutes.”

Arianne Kern | Program Coordinator, Impact Hub Floripa

Sheetgo then filters and merges the data from the mentor and mentee spreadsheets based on specific requirements (such as same language, location or business industry) to identify matches. These matches are sent into various matchmaking sheets. Within these matchmaking sheets, there is a list of 2 to 4 mentees per mentor for each session.

Now, the matchmaking process is entirely automated, with scheduled updates so that Impact Hub’s databases are constantly up-to-date and new mentoring matches are created and managed on a frequent basis.

Saving 8 hours per event to focus on community

  • 8 hours saved per event
  • 1 full working day saved from manual work
  • 100% up-to-date data consolidation
Thanks to this new automated system, Impact Hub Floripa now saves approximately 8 hours of work per event. This allows the team to focus on continuing to grow their vibrant, entrepreneurial community, as well their co-working and event space.

By using the tools and resources they already have like Google Forms and Google Sheets, Sheetgo has provided an affordable solution with a simple workflow that fulfills Impact Hub’s very specific needs.

“Working with Sheetgo was amazing because they dove into our challenge and helped us find the best solution.”

Arianne Kern, Program Coordinator | Impact Hub Floripa

The Impact Hub team no longer have to worry about carrying out an inefficient, time-consuming process manually. With Sheetgo automations, they also avoid mistakes related to data transfer and offer their customers a quick and easy way to register their interest and team up with experienced business leaders.

As their community continues to grow on a global scale, their custom workflow will be able to grow alongside them.

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Impact Hub is one of the world’s largest networks focused on building startup communities and accelerators. There are over 100 Impact Hubs in more than 50 countries on five continents supporting new business and innovation. Impact Hub Floripa is the first and largest accelerator program in Brazil.

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