AllWins: streamlined sales and marketing processes that save time and help them scale

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AllWins, a digital transformation firm, helps businesses meet current and future market demands. Their ONE platform revolutionizes B2B sales for online and traditional sales.

Using Sheetgo, AllWins now saves 1.5 hours every day with an automated data transformation system that seamlessly integrates with their existing sales and marketing processes. As a result, the team gains significant efficiency, saving 15 days of additional work per year, as well as reducing their human errors in their processes.

Facing data transformation challenges before Sheetgo

Before discovering Sheetgo, AllWins team encountered significant challenges in their data transformation processes. They handle different clients and each of them has data in various Product Information Management systems such as Google Analytics or the e-commerce store.

“Before using Sheetgo, we were spending about 2 hours a day copying and pasting data. It was a tedious process and prone to errors, especially with large datasets.”

Marcin Duma, e-commerce leader at Allwins

This process was not only tedious but also hindered the overall efficiency of their operations. The team set out to look for a solution that would allow them to keep using the flexibility and collaborative aspects of spreadsheets but with a streamlined process. In their quest for a solution, Marcin explored various options and chose Sheetgo for its simplicity and compatibility with CSV files. The ability to handle data transfers seamlessly and the user-friendly interface made Sheetgo stand out from the competition.

Implementing Sheetgo for streamlined workflows

  • Fast implementation: understanding how to use Sheetgo was simple
  • Easy to replicate workflows: its easy to duplicate a process that was already created for another client
  • Scalable, flexible and collaborative solution

Upon implementing Sheetgo, the team experienced a transformation in their workflow. They were able to streamline their data transfer processes, significantly reducing the time spent on manual tasks. With easy integrations between CSV and Google Sheets and features like the filter function, Sheetgo became an integral part of their workflow, providing a solution that aligned perfectly with their requirements.

“Sheetgo has really streamlined our data transfer process. The simplicity in creating scenarios and the time savings have been the most notable benefits for us.”

Marcin Duma, e-commerce leader at Allwins

Saving 8 hours a week to focus on what really matters.

The implementation of Sheetgo not only addressed their initial hurdles but also resulted in considerable time savings.

“Sheetgo has not only saved us time but has also eliminated the manual errors we used to encounter during data transfers. It’s been a game-changer for our workflow.”

Marcin Duma, e-commerce leader at Allwins

With Sheetgo, AllWins team now saves around 8 hours per week previously spent on copy-pasting data. This enhanced efficiency empowers them to concentrate on strategic tasks, further enhancing project success. Additionally, Sheetgo facilitates the easy onboarding of new clients and streamlines process replication.

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AllWins is a digital transformation organization that provides services to help companies adapt to current and future needs in the evolving market. They focus on giving changes a sense of meaning and translating developed ideas into clear and motivating plans. As part of their solutions, they offer ONE, the first B2B platform for online and traditional sales available in a subscription model.


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