EnsembleIQ: An automated reporting system for their brand directors

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Using Sheetgo, EnsembleIQ is able to save a lot of time by automating and improving its reporting process. As a result, they have been able to offer their brand directors and sales reps more comprehensive and granular reporting options.

A better solution than IMPORTRANGE

  • Too many IMPORTRANGE errors
  • Struggle to update the reports manually
  • Time-consuming and repetitive reports

EnsembleIQ had to import data from four CRM systems into a consolidated report. They later decided to use only one CRM system, but they were still struggling to create custom reports.

They were using the IMPORTRANGE function in Google Sheets because they couldn’t find a better solution. However, this was a very time-consuming task. Not only did they have to update the reports manually, but they also had to work around many IMPORTRANGE errors.

“I started first with the IMPORTRANGE functionality within Sheets itself but with the large amount of data it was failing on a pretty routine basis.” Matthew Anstandig, Director of Financial Systems and Analysis at EnsembleIQ
EnsembleIQ was trying to find a better solution when they came across Sheetgo and decided to give it a shot. They were looking for a solution that would allow them to automate and improve their reporting process.

Solving a complex problem with a simple workflow using Sheetgo

  • Merge multiple datasets into a single report
  • 100% automated updates based on workflow triggers
  • Ability to spread the data with one easy step

EnsembleIQ has created a workflow that automates and improves their reporting process. It pulls data from the CRM system and sends it into a consolidated file so the leadership can get a view of the entire company. Thanks to Sheetgo, they are now able to update the report easily a few times a day.

“I wouldn’t be able to do the amount of reporting I do and have this number of different reports without Sheetgo. I wouldn’t be able to customize things as quickly without Sheetgo.” Matthew Anstandig, Director of Financial Systems and Analysis at EnsembleIQ

In addition, they didn’t want to have the whole file viewable and changeable for every single brand director. They wanted the brand directors to view only their individual brands.

With Sheetgo, they have solved this problem by creating custom reports for every single director. All they have to do is split data from the consolidated file into separate spreadsheets with one easy step.

Powerful workflow automation to save time

  • 30+ employees benefit from Sheetgo workflows
  • 100% customizable and up-to-date reports
  • More comprehensive data reporting

Sheetgo has helped the team at EnsembleIQ create and update these customizable reports effortlessly using simple workflows. Since they don’t have to create and update these reports manually, they are now able to spend their time producing more comprehensive and up-to-date reports.

As a result, 10 brand directors and around 20 sales representatives are able to access these reports and make more informed decisions.

“It certainly saves time. We are able to produce more up-to-date reporting instead of spending so much time on a smaller number of reports that come out much less frequently.” Matthew Anstandig, Director of Financial Systems and Analysis at EnsembleIQ

They no longer need to waste their time updating spreadsheets manually and working around IMPORTRANGE errors. These Sheetgo workflows help EnsembleIQ save a lot of time that is now spent on developing more customizable and comprehensive reports.

With Sheetgo, they are now able to automate manual processes and start focusing on what really matters.

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EnsembleIQ is a North American business intelligence company delivering insightful information and actionable connections. They help retail, technology, consumer goods, healthcare, and hospitality professionals make informed decisions and gain a competitive advantage.
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