Sade Telecom: Automated sales data distribution by Sheetgo

Sade Telecom

Sade Telecom is a nationwide supplier of fiber connections in France. By using Sheetgo they are able to save half a day every week, per city they cover, by streamlining their approach to sales and installation data consolidation and distribution.

This equates to a $10,000 annual saving.

A need for a scalable and accurate city-wide data distribution tool

  • Sade Telecom connects more than 300,000 clients from home to hub on a city-wide basis
  • Every morning, the engineering teams need up-to-date, accessible data
  • Difficulty sharing scripted workflows
  • Needed authorization every time they run

Sade Telecom used a combination of a larger proprietary database, multiple file and data type exports driven manually, and an in-house script to attempt to meet their needs.

With over 300,000 clients, multiple competing workflows to be updated daily, they needed a solution that was more accurate and easier to share. Authorizing a workflow every time it was run was slowing them down and reducing efficiency.

“Disruptive technology that fulfills a critical problem in companies that are low profile that otherwise won’t go away.”

Jeremie Bruzzie, Project Manager, Sade Telecom

The team connected with Sheetgo after searching for a solution in the Google Workspace Marketplace.

Their current in-house script was proving unreliable and hard to scale. As a result, they started searching for a solution that enabled more effective data delegation across sites and teams.

Automated sales data distribution using Sheetgo

  • Daily updates to inform engineering teams of the specific requirements of each of their 300,000 clients
  • Sheetgo eliminates the need for manual workflow authorization
  • Sheetgo automates consolidation of financial, sales and internal data

With Sheetgo, Sade Telecom automates key data for each installation and pass it to the relevant engineering teams on a daily basis. This covers 300,000 clients and provides a standardized way to distribute information to the team on the ground.

They now automatically consolidate internal data files into their proprietary database, and ensure that manual entry errors are no longer an issue.

“Useful, simple, cost-saving plug-in.

Jeremie Bruzzie, Project Manager, Sade Telecom

Sade Telecom now saves half a day per week per city they cover. On top of that, Sheetgo provides their installation and engineering teams with 100% accurate client information.

This allows the telecommunications company to better serve their 300,000 clients in Paris, as well as rolling out their solution to more cities across France as they build a national data network.

$10,000 saving per city thanks to automated sales data distribution

  • $10,000 saving allows for a leaner use of resources and saves each Project manager half day per week
  • Currently in use by 4 more Project managers
  • 100% customer service success by eliminating manual errors and degradation

By using Sheetgo, the Sade Telecom team have been able to save $10,000 annually while also giving each Project Manager using Sheetgo a total of an extra half day per week (38-minute daily saving).

This has eliminated the issue of human error occurring during manual data entry, and ensures teams in the field have daily access to the most up-to-date data available.

Easy to find use cases within an organization.

Jeremie Bruzzie, Project Manager, Sade Telecom

By implementing Sheetgo, Sade Telecom has reclaimed half a day per week for each of the 5 Project Managers who have currently adopted it. This delivers an annual saving of $10,000.

They are currently looking at achieving even greater improvements by standardizing their use of Sheetgo across every city they cover.

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Sade Telecom is a French fiber installation company who need to consolidate sales, coverage and installation data across a nationwide network of representatives and engineers

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