Triporate: Custom invoice generation solution for an AI-based booking platform

Sheetgo use case with Triporate
With Sheetgo, Triporate saves over 200 hours annually using a custom-made invoice generator to create custom invoices that are ready to share with clients in a matter of minutes. As a result, they now have 2-3 extra days per month to dedicate to other, more important aspects of their platform.

Repetitive manual work that stunts innovation

  • Looking for an efficient invoice management solution

  • Time-consuming manual extraction of data

  • Repetitive work went against innovative identity

Triporate had automated many of their processes, however, when it came to invoicing clients, they relied on manual work. The team would manually copy and past new sales database entries into a spreadsheet, then use this data to also manually generate monthly reports for every client. A separate software was then used to generate the invoices. After checking both the spreadsheets and invoices, they would then send the monthly reports and invoices to clients – manually.
“Our old process didn’t reflect who we were. As a company that thrives on AI innovation, manually copying and pasting data was a red flag.”

Francisco Vieira Manzanera | CFO & Cofounder, Triporate

Since Triporate wanted to be known as an innovative solution for booking, this amount of repetitive manual work clashed with the company’s innovative identity. The Triporate team also needed to eliminate this time-consuming work to ensure that each client could have access to their travel data and monthly invoices.

All-in-one invoice generation solution using Sheetgo

  • Connect BigQuery to create sales master sheet 

  • Automatic generation of invoices from template

  • Automatic sharing of invoices via Gmail

Thanks to Sheetgo, Triporate now has a custom invoice generation solution that automates their invoicing processes from start to finish. Their BigQuery sales database connects to a Google Sheet, which acts as the master sheet where all sales are added. For all new entries, Sheetgo automatically creates an invoice for those clients. Sheetgo converts each invoice document to PDF which is then sent directly to each client via Gmail.
“Sheetgo went above and beyond during their monthly hackathon to create a customized solution for us.”

Francisco Vieira Manzanera | CFO & Cofounder, Triporate

Triporate can then create their own custom automation schedule that updates the entire workflow daily, so that their master sheet is always updated at the same time every single day. This allows Triporate to send invoices to new clients frequently. By using Sheetgo’s custom invoice generator solution, it’s not only moving data across various sources that have become easier, but it has also resulted in better monitoring and tracking of all clients’ data.

Saving 2 days a month to focus more on business goals

  • 201 hours saved every year

  • All-in-one, tailor-made invoicing solution

  • Customized automation schedule for daily invoices
Thanks to Sheetgo, Triporate now save over 200 hours a year by replacing manual work at every stage of their invoice generation process. They now save 2-3 days every month which they can dedicate to more important areas of their business, such as strategy and platform updates.

“Sheetgo helped us save a lot of time for both us and our clients”

Francisco Vieira Manzanera | CFO & Cofounder, Triporate

Triporate no longer have to copy and paste data across spreadsheets, as they have automated their whole invoice generation and management process. They don’t have to lift a finger when it comes to invoicing clients – the solution will do everything for them following the automation schedule they have created. Thanks to this custom solution that uses their everyday Google tools, Triporate has hugely improved the speed and quality of service to keep their clients up to date on the best deals in business travel.
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Triporate is an AI-based platform where you can book business trips. The booking process can be 8-10 times more efficient than traditional methods, allowing travelers to save time and money. How? Simply by sending an email with the travel details, so you can receive the best deals on flights, trains, accommodation, etc.
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