The Concrete Edge Company: Tracking orders from sale through to delivery with Sheetgo

The Concrete Edge Company Lil Bubba

The Concrete Edge Company supplies construction equipment and needs to be able to track orders from initial sale to final delivery.

Prior to contacting Sheetgo they had a team of half a dozen sales reps who would update their supervisor with phone and SMS updates. This lead to a large amount of paperwork which was replaced with a single centralized dashboard that’s updated hourly and generates a $9,000 annual saving.

In need of centralized and automated sales order data

  • Need to merge information from a team of 6 sales reps without manual effort and duplication of paperwork
  • Every data point needs to be captured, ordered and listed in a single central location
  • The VP was spending 4 hours a week manually moving updates into a spreadsheet, which also risks introducing human error

The Concrete Edge Company team had grown to over 25 members of staff which meant their previous legacy approach of relying on phone calls and SMS updates was no longer fit for purpose.

With 6 sales reps updating the VP throughout the day, he was spending half a day per week simply copying in data manually. This was costing the business a total of $10,000.

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Gordon Buckland, VP Marketing & Manufacturing, The Concrete Edge Company

They contacted the Sheetgo team after finding the Sheetgo Sales lead template.

After failing to find what they saw as value for money with other sales tracking tools, they wanted something affordable, flexible and versatile. They also wanted to move away from paper and phone based updates and take everything online and automate it.

Tracking orders from sale through to delivery using Sheetgo

  • Hourly automations merge data from 6 sales reps working in different regions of the country
  • Sheetgo pulls relevant data into a single custom dashboard that the VP can view from any device in his office
  • 4 hours per week saved for the VP

Sheetgo allows the VP to save himself 4 hours a week ($10,000 per year) and use that time on higher value tasks. Order data updates hourly throughout the day, providing a real-time picture of what’s really happening in the field.

By using Sheetgo to pull the relevant raw data from each sales rep’s unique data sheet, the VP is able to see everything about the order progression process at a glance.

“I was able to get our sales process off of paper an online”

Gordon Buckland, VP Marketing & Manufacturing, The Concrete Edge Company

The hours of work saved per week, minus the cost of the Sheetgo license, still saves The Concrete Edge Company $9,000 per year.

This is all achieved while also eliminating manual entry errors and centralizing order data into a single custom dashboard.

Centralized order data distribution for paperless tracking

  • Sheetgo takes the raw data from 6 sales rep sheets and consolidates everything into a centralized custom dashboard
  • Hourly automatic updates save the company $9,000 per year and the VP 4 hours a week on manual entry
  • With a license costing just $1,000, Sheetgo is able to deliver a 10x ROI to the customer

The Sheetgo implementation has centralized all order tracking data, consolidating real-time information from 6 sales reps that populate a custom dashboard.

By delivering a $9,000 saving, and a time saving of 4 hours a week, Sheetgo has secured a 10x ROI simply by providing a process that pulls relevant data, consolidates it intuitively and distributes it using a custom dashboard for the VP to view.

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Gordon Buckland, VP Marketing & Manufacturing, The Concrete Edge Company

By implementing Sheetgo, The Concrete Edge is now benefiting from a scalable and user-friendly solution that provides clear value for money.

No knowledge of coding or databases is required, allowing the sales team to focus on what they do best without creating manual entry tasks for the VP they report to. This ensures the business has a scalable tool that will keep pace with future expansion.

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The Concrete Edge Company is a leading nationwide supplier of a wide range of construction equipment and the manufacturer of the Lil’ Bubba curbing machine. They need to be able to track new orders all the way from the initial sale to the final delivery.

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