Legal Notice and Terms of Use

Subject matter of the contract

This legal notice refers to the use and utilization of the webpage, Blog of Sheetgo (, Web Platform (, and Google Sheets Add-on owned by SHEETGO EUROPE, S.L. (hereinafter SHEETGO).

Access to the website owned by SHEETGO implies being a USER thereof and involves the full acceptance of each and every one of the terms and conditions set out below which may be modified without prior notification by SHEETGO, which shall publish and communicate such modifications at the earliest possible time.

It is therefore recommended you read them should you wish to access and use the information and services provided on this webpage.
Furthermore, users undertake to make appropriate use of the website in compliance with applicable legislation, in good faith and respect public order, general trade customs, and this Legal Notice and shall be liable to the SHEETGO or to third parties for any damage resulting from failure to comply with such obligations.

Any use other than that expressly authorized is forbidden. The SHEETGO may deny or refuse access or use at any time.

1. Identity

SHEETGO, pursuant to Law 34/2002, 11 July, regarding Information Technology Services and Electronic Commerce, informs that:

  • Its official name is SHEETGO EUROPE, S.L.
  • Its trade name is: SHEETGO
  • Its fiscal identity number is: ESB87085262
  • Its registered office is in Bolivia Nº 5, 12E, postal code 28016 of Madrid, province of Madrid, Spain.
  • It is registered with the SHEETGO Registry of Madrid Volume 32644, Page 11, Section 8, Sheet M-587590

2. Communication

The following methods may be used to contact us:

  • Email:
  • Postal address: Muelle de la Aduana s/n – Edificio Lanzadera, postal code 46024 of Valencia, Spain.

Any notification and communication between users and the SHEETGO shall be considered effective, for any purposes, whenever conducted through any of the aforementioned methods.

3. Terms of Access and Use

Access to the website is free. SHEETGO may, however, make use of some of the services offered on its website conditional to previously filling in the corresponding form and paying for the services and/or products purchased.

The user guarantees the authenticity and accuracy of any data provided to SHEETGO and shall be the sole person responsible for any inexact or untrue information given.

The user expressly undertakes to make adequate use of the contents and services provided by SHEETGO and not to use them, amongst other purposes, for:

  1. Disseminating criminal, violent, pornographic, racist, xenophobic or offensive content or in defense of terrorism or generally against applicable legislation and public order.
  2. Introducing viruses into the net or carrying out actions that may alter, damage, interrupt or create errors or damage to the electronic documents, data or systems owned by SHEETGO or by third parties; hindering access to the website and its services to other users by means of massive use of the computer services used by SHEETGO.
  3. Attempting to access the electronic mail accounts of other users or the restricted areas of the computer systems owned by SHEETGO or by third parties and, should it be the case, obtaining information.
  4. Violating industrial and intellectual property rights or the confidentiality of the information provided by SHEETGO or third parties.
  5. Supplanting the identity of another user.
  6. Reproducing, copying, distributing, making available to, or in any other form of public communication, altering or modifying the contents save by authorization from the owner of the corresponding rights whenever such actions are permitted by the applicable legislation.
  7. Procuring data for publicity purposes and forwarding any form of publicity or communication for sale or commercial purposes without prior request or permission.

The entire website content such as texts, photographs, graphics, images, icons, technology, software as well as its graphic design and font codes constitute an ensemble owned by the SHEETGO, and any right over them may not be construed as transferred in any way to users beyond what might be strictly necessary for the correct use of the website.

In sum, users accessing this website may visualize its contents and make, should it be the case, authorized private copies provided the reproduced elements are not subsequently transferred to third parties or are not installed on network servers or are not commercially exploited in any way.

Furthermore, all the trademarks, trade names or distinctive signs of any form included in the website are the property of SHEETGO. Any use or access thereof may not be construed as granting users any rights whatsoever over them.
The dissemination, modification, transfer or public communication of the contents and any other action not expressly authorized by the owner of the commercial rights is prohibited.

The creation of a hyperlink does under no circumstance involve the existence of any relationship between SHEETGO and the owner of the website the link is created with nor does it involve the acceptance or approval by SHEETGO of the content and services thereof.

SHEETGO declines any liability in terms of the use each particular user may make of the material made available on this website or the actions users may carry out based on them.

3.1 Exclusion of Guarantees and Liability for Access and Use

The content of this website is general and is intended merely for information purposes. The owner does not guarantee full access to all its content, its exhaustiveness, accuracy, validity, applicability or suitability for any specific purpose.

SHEETGO declines, insofar as permitted by applicable legislation, any liability for any kind of damage resulting from:
Inability to access the website or lack of veracity, accuracy, exhaustiveness and/or validity of the content as well as the existence of any kind of errors or defects in the content transmitted, disseminated, stored or available which may have been accessed through the website or through the services provided therein.

The presence of viruses or any other elements in the content which may cause alterations in computer systems, electronic documents or users data.

Failure to comply with legislation, good faith, public order, general trade customs and this legal notice resulting from the wrongful use of the website. In particular, and not limited to, SHEETGO declines any liability regarding the acts of third parties that may violate intellectual or industrial property rights, SHEETGO secrets, the right to reputation, personal and family intimacy and image rights and legislation regarding unfair and unlawful competition.

Likewise, SHEETGO declines any liability with respect to information existing beyond this website that is not directly managed by our webmaster. All the links existing on this website are solely intended for informing users of the existence of other sources to expand the content provided on this website. SHEETGO does not guarantee nor is it liable for the correct performance or accessibility of the sites the links are connected to; nor does SHEETGO suggest, invite or recommend visiting them. Therefore, SHEETGO shall not be liable for the results reached. SHEETGO is not liable for the creation of hyperlinks by third parties.

3.2 Process in Case of Illicit Activities

Should any user or third party consider that facts or circumstances exist that reveal the illicit use of any content and/or of actions on the websites included or accessible through the website, notice shall be given to SHEETGO expressing the communicator’s identity and the supposed infringement.

3.3 Publications

The administration data provided through the website does not replace the legal publicity of the laws, regulations, plans and general terms and actions that may need to be published in official public journals, which constitute the sole instrument to prove their veracity and content. Information available on this website must be construed as a guide with no legal validity.

4. Applicable Legislation

These terms shall be ruled by the applicable Spanish legislation.
Spanish and English shall be the language used.