RatedPower: A customized invoice generation solution for software design company

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Using Sheetgo, RatedPower now saves around 277 hours every year using a custom invoice generator solution, to create and share invoices for their clients automatically. As a result, they now have 2-3 extra days per month to focus on monitoring their invoices.

Cumbersome copying and pasting for invoices

  • Manual copy-pasting wasting precious time
  • Need a customizable overview of all invoices
  • Start-to-finish solution needed to take over process
The team at RatedPower was looking for a way to leave behind the traditional and more time-consuming copy-pasting method, especially when it came to generating invoices for clients. This required pulling a lot of data from multiple emails and contracts to create each invoice. As the company grew, this also meant keeping track of all their invoices, and this desperately required adding a customizable solution to meet the challenge.
“Manually creating invoices became too complex. We were wasting time copying and pasting the data, when instead we needed to focus on tracking the status of these invoices.” Miguel Angel Torrero | COO & Co-founder at RatedPower
RatedPower approached Sheetgo to create a custom invoice generation solution that could centralize their invoice data whilst automatically generating the invoices for clients so that they were immediately ready to share. What’s more, RatedPower required a way to monitor invoicing status’s as part of the solution, combining invoice generation and management in a single workflow.

Automatic invoicing for hundreds of clients simultaneously

  • Merge to consolidate 16+ spreadsheets
  • Customized invoice generation solution
  • Full monitoring of invoice data through dashboard
RatedPower received their own custom invoice management solution created by Sheetgo experts. Once clients had filled out their invoicing data through a Google Form, Sheetgo did the rest. This includes centralizing the client and service data extracted from the forms in a master sheet, from which the invoices are automatically generated as Google Docs. These are then converted to PDF for easy sharing. As part of their solution, RatedPower also have access to a Control Dashboard where they can get a visual overview of all invoices in the database.
“Sheetgo helped us to create an entire process for invoices that’s saving us a lot of manual work” Miguel Angel Torrero | COO & Co-founder at RatedPower
By connecting several data sources with Sheetgo, RatedPower can streamline all the necessary data to generate their invoices for clients. What’s more, they can create their own custom automation schedule to generate invoices on a monthly basis, as well as receive the latest updates from the dashboard. With this, RatedPower are able to monitor key metrics, including when invoices have been received, and when they have been paid.

Saving 3 days per month to focus more on business goals

  • 277 hours saved every year
  • Custom invoice generation and management system
  • Optimized dashboard for data visibility
Thanks to this new system, RatedPower now save approximately 277 hours annually, which they can now invest in core business objectives. By replacing the previous manual input of data and invoice generation, RatedPower employees can now save 2-3 days every month with this custom invoice generation system.
“Sheetgo has allowed us to speed up a key internal process. By reducing manual work, we can dedicate more time to other aspects that we need to continue growing our company” Miguel Angel Torrero | COO & Co-founder at RatedPower
RatedPower no longer have to copy and paste invoice data, replaced now with their own invoice generation and management system. Through a streamlined process, RatedPower has improved the profitability of its clients’​ assets, and pvDesign has a track record of 1000+ GW optimized in 90+ countries. As RatedPower expands and has more clients, they can easily adjust their custom solution to fulfil their invoicing needs.
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RatedPower is a cloud-based software used to design and engineer utility-scale solar photovoltaic plants. This robust software package optimizes plant design and generates engineering documentation. This streamlined process also improves the profitability of clients’​ assets.
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