“Sheetgo helped us to create an entire process for invoices that’s saving us a lot of manual work”

Miguel Angel Torrero, COO & Co-founder at RatedPower

RatedPower leadership team

What is RatedPower?

RatedPower offers pvDesign, a cloud-based software to carry out the design and engineering of utility-scale solar photovoltaic plants. The software offers a faster, more automated, accurate, and reliable method than traditional engineering, improving the profitability of users’ assets.

It’s comprehensive software package instantly optimizes the plant design and automatically generates the engineering documentation. Through a streamlined process, allowing to improve the profitability of its clients’​ assets, pvDesign has a track record of 1000+ GW optimized in 90+ countries.




Hours saved every year


Renewable energy




The team at RatedPower was looking for a way to get rid of the many manual copy-pasting tasks. For instance, the cumbersome creation of generating invoices for their clients included a lot of copy-pasting data from emails and contracts.

They also wanted to add a customizable overview of all of their invoices.

Sheetgo for teams is great to reduce email traffic. Getting rid of manual work also prevents us from making errors!

Miguel Angel Torrero | COO & Co-founder, RatedPower


Sheetgo helped to reorganize that process in the following way. RatedPower now uses Google Forms to organize clients’ data into a Google Sheets. They have another Google Sheets with services data that functions as their database. Both Google Sheets are connected into a Google Sheets that prepares the data to generate invoices.

A Google App Script converts the invoices into a PDF ready to be sent to clients. In parallel, the same Invoice generator Sheet has a Sheetgo connection to transfer and filter data into a Control Dashboard to have a visual overview of the invoices in the database.