Hello, we’re Sheetgo

We’re on a mission to enable the world’s 1 billion spreadsheet users to automate their work and focus on what really matters.



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Our vision

Become the leading productivity platform for office suites.

Democratizing automation

We believe that anyone should be able to automate their work by creating custom workflows without coding or specialist software. 

Helping you work less and achieve more

Our aim is to make everyday tasks calmer, quicker and easier helping people automate with the tools they already know and use every day: spreadsheets.

Giving you the tools to create your own custom solution

With Sheetgo, you can make your spreadsheets work like a database. No matter what data you need to duplicate, share, consolidate, filter, distribute or report, you can use Sheetgo.

How it all started: the idea behind Sheetgo 

Sheetgo co-founder and CEO Yannick Rault came up with the idea of a tool that could combine the functionality of a database and real-time connectivity, while still retaining the ease of use and flexibility of spreadsheets.


Our investors are valuable partners who are committed to helping Sheetgo grow and thrive.

Andreas Mihalovits
Co-Founder Global Super Angels Club

Bharat Mediratta
Engineering Fellow

Jason Kurtz

Rajeev Singh-Molares
Venture Capital

Awards & Recognition:

These awards and milestones inspire us to stay ahead of the curve and keep delivering an exceptional customer experience.


These renowned startup programs have helped us accelerate growth and innovation.

Technology Partners:

We have been certified by industry-leading technology companies to ensure the quality and reliability of our products.

Recommended for Google Workspace

Sheetgo has been selected for the second year as a “Recommended for Workspace” app after being reviewed by Google and undergoing usability and security testing.

Having passed Google’s rigorous security test is a testament to our commitment to safety and quality. In order to comply with all the security requirements, Sheetgo has completed the Vendor Security Assessment Questionnaire (VSAQ), which is a collection of self-adapting questionnaires developed by Google for evaluating multiple aspects of a vendor’s security and privacy.

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