If you can use a spreadsheet, you can use Sheetgo.

We’re on a mission to enable the world’s 1 billion spreadsheet users to automate their work, one connection at a time.

We’re democratizing automation

We believe that anyone — from a school administrator to a CFO — should be able to automate their work. Sheetgo allows you and your team to create custom workflows without coding or specialist software. Our world-class customer success team offers 1-1 onboarding, training and custom project design. And as part of our commitment to accessibility, the Sheetgo for Good scheme helps non-profits and educational organizations increase their positive impact in the world.

Helping you to work less and achieve more

Most people are overloaded with software and huge amounts of data at work. Our aim is to make everyday tasks calmer, quicker and easier. Instead of buying new SaaS tools, we help people automate with the tool they already know and use every day: spreadsheets. We enable teams to simplify, streamline and automate their processes, so they can free up time for more creative, analytical and value-generating work.

Giving you the tools to create your own custom solution

Sheetgo gives users the freedom and flexibility to design a workflow perfecty tailored  and adapt it as needs change. With Sheetgo, you can make your spreadsheets work like a database. Forecasting, inventory management, student grades tracking, order processing — no matter what data you need to duplicate, share, consolidate, filter, distribute or report, you can use Sheetgo.

The Sheetgo story

We created Sheetgo because we had once needed something just like it.

Back in 2009, our co-founder Yannick was running a sustainable real estate development company in Brazil. He was looking for a solution to help manage data across half a dozen sites and departments in construction, sales, HR, quality assurance and finance. The budget didn’t stretch to a big ERP and, with the growth of the company, Yannick wasn’t sure that was exactly what they needed anyway. He wanted the functionality of a database and real-time connectivity combined with the ease of spreadsheets; a tool that would allow for quick changes and flexibility without the cost and maintenance of coding.


Want to be a part of Sheetgo?

We’re always interested in meeting industry leaders who share our vision of bringing no-code automation to the world’s 1 billion spreadsheet users. If you’re looking for an exciting new project in this growing market, get in touch with our investor relations team.

In 2010 Yannick was invited to speak at Google about online productivity and he showed them what the team had been working on. Google told him, it looks like you guys have made “the world’s first ERP using G Suite”.  

In 2016 he decided to develop the idea and create something new: a scalable solution that would enable anyone, anywhere, to automate data transfer between spreadsheets. Together with 3 former colleagues he founded Sheetgo. 


Fast forward 4 years and the company has an international team working in the US, Brazil, Spain and Germany, and paying users in over 70 countries. In 2018 Sheetgo was named Europe’s Best B2B Enterprise Service and Most Scalable Startup at the South Summit Awards and the Top IT Startup in Spain & Portugal at the Emprendedores XXI Awards.

Awards & Recognition:

From marketing agencies to schools, factories to financial institutions, companies of all shapes and sizes automate their processes and manage their data with flexible and collaborative Sheetgo workflows.

Technology Partners:

We have developed innovative data solutions

Sheetgo has carried out an R&D project entitled: “MOTORBIGDATA: DESARROLLO TECNOLÓGICO DE UN MOTOR PARA GESTIÓN DE BIG DATA PARA IMPLEMENTACIÓN DE REGLAS DE NEGOCIO MEDIANTE EL USO DE MACHINE LEARNING” (Technological development of a Big Data management engine for the implementation of business rules using Machine Learning). The project started in 2019 and was finished in 2020 at the Sheetgo premises in Valencia. Sheetgo has achieved, thanks to the development of the project, an improved product, with greater flexibility, robustness and scalability as a result of the new architecture based on microservices implemented, which is dedicated to and provides for specific functionalities in managing the needs of data and files used by users. Moreover, both Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence mechanisms were employed to determine users’ behaviour, to address new functionalities to cover for user needs.

Project Goal

The project’s main goal is the development of a big data engine to manage the large volumes of data generated by thousands of spreadsheets and other tabular files that a company has to deal with. This engine, together with Sheetgo’s data connectivity algorithm and the development of novel models and AI algorithms, will facilitate the implementation of a powerful and transparent business management system for users without advanced technological knowledge. 

Project Support

The project has been co-financed by the Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (Centro de Desarrollo Tecnológico Industrial, CDTI) and the European Regional Development Fund (Fondo Europeo de Desarrollo Regional, FEDER) with the aim of promoting technological development, innovation and quality research.