Our team

Yannick Rault

Direction & Strategy

After 10 years in the socio-environmental ‘built world’, the ex-executive, extreme entrepreneur and SaaS veteran is back on tech to revolutionize the B2B2C ‘online world’!

Jonatan Silva

Marketing & Admin

14 years of web development career. Leads the Sheetgo roadmap development and guides the tactical evolution of the company.

Chad Pittman

Concierge Onboarding

15 years of a career in software, finance, housing, and social entrepreneurship. Has already linked hundreds of sheets to create management controls, making him the ideal sheet concierge for you!

Rafael Vidal

Product Development
Rock-solid background in software development. Holds a Bachelor degree in Business Information Technology from London University in the UK. Loves to code, kite-surf and travel.

Our story

Yannick at Google
Yannick at Google

Back in 2009, Yannick and Jonatan built the first “online ERP using just the G Suite platform”, according to a statement from Google employees in 2010. In this ERP, spreadsheets were the key element for data storage and processing. However, the main challenge remained the instability of integrating data that flows between spreadsheets. In 2011, with the arrival of Chad onto the team-cruiser, the trio developed the first functional Beta version of Sheetgo to improve data integration between sheets. In 2012, Rafael joined the team to further improve the technical development of the ERP. In 2014, the quartet decided to package Sheetgo as an easy-to-use Google Sheets add-on which we officially launched in 2015. Early 2016 we left our previous jobs and dedicated ourselves solely to providing tools for online users in order for them to create spreadsheet solutions that improve collective intelligence. 2017, with a 3rd round of financing secured, we are poised to reach our vision of being the world´s reference in spreadsheet online data management solutions.

You have, by far, the most advanced solution using just Google Apps for Work.

Google Team, 2010

Our Partners

As the technology accelerator with the widest investor network in Brazil, Wow is not only an investor but more importantly provides tremendous advisory support during the start-up phase. Enisa bet on the innovative future of Sheetgo through an affordable, non-collateralized long-term loan to get the start-up up and running. Finally, Lanzadera is our Spanish partner who assists our development with his incubation program in 2016.