We empower organizations with an online solution for managing spreadsheet data. Transform your data into actionable information.

Sheetgo offers tools that enable organizations to audit their spreadsheet information in Google Drive, implement data management systems in spreadsheets by connecting and automizing data transfer between them, and visualize all connections via a web dashboard. With Sheetgo an organization will optimize its use of spreadsheets to help create intelligent data-driven solutions, improve data governance, and reduce data risk.


Our 4 founders have been designing and creating business management solutions based on Google Sheets together since 2009. They created what Google referred to as the “first Google Sheets based ERP” in 2010. In 2014 they spun-off the key function required to create intelligent spreadsheet based solutions, the ability to connect sheets, into its own company, Sheetgo. Before nerding out together on spreadsheets the founding team had success in their careers at multinational companies like Arthur Andersen, FedEx, Ariba, SAP, & Boeing and in the entrepreneurial world, building one of B-Corps ‘Best for the World’ companies. They are joined by an awesome team of 5 (and growing) diverse professionals with backgrounds in entrepreneurship, consulting, marketing and statistics.

Yannick Rault

Robert Orzanna
Customer Success

Chad Pittman
Customer Success

Monique Almeida
Customer Success

Rafael Vidal
Product Development

Willian Vargas
Product Development

Ausias Fuster

Jonatan Silva


Top technology accelerators in both Brazil (Wow Aceleradora) and Spain (Lanzadera) along with the private investment group Angels and the Spanish governmental agency (ENISA) have all evaluated our business plan and growth prospects and invested capital to assure our continued growth and success.

Since 2016, Sheetgo Europe develop the a R&D project named “RESEARCH AND TECHNOLOGICAL DEVELOPMENT OF NEW FUNCTIONALITIES FOR INTERCONNECTIVITY SPREADSHEET TOOLS IN ORDER TO PROVIDE THEM WITH ANALYTICAL INTELLIGENCE” (“INVESTIGACIÓN Y DESARROLLO TECNOLÓGICO DE NUEVAS FUNCIONALIDADES PARA DOTAR DE INTELIGENCIA ANALÍTICA A HERRAMIENTAS DE INTERCONECTIVIDAD DE DATOS ENTRE HOJAS DE CÁLCULO”), with the purpose to give artificial intelligence to a tools of data interconnectivity between spreadsheets, through the development of powerful algorithms and connection functions, automation and monitoring, that allows to have well structured all the Big Data of a company (having all your data connected thanks to Sheetgo), and later create intelligence with all this data, and with the aim that users can have the information that is needed when it is needed.


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