Bagels and Beans IJdock: An automated inventory management solution for an eco-friendly franchise

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Using Sheetgo, Bagels and Beans saved around 2 days per month with an inventory solution that automates checking in and out stock for their several restaurants.

As a result, they have an entire overview of their chain’s stock levels across the country.

Finding an affordable alternative to costly inventory software

  • Software too costly and complex for their needs
  • Struggle to manually input items in Google Sheets
  • Dealing with hundreds of inputs every single day

Bagel and Beans’ Co-owner, GJ van Doodewaard, was looking for a way to simplify the chain’s inventory management process. The team out-ruled the use of inventory software because it was too complex and expensive for what they were looking for.

Instead, GJ turned to Google Sheets to manually input their stock levels. However, with multiple item updates per day for each restaurant, this process was too time-consuming and required more effort than GJ could justify.

“Inventory software was just too complex and costly for what we wanted – a simple inventory solution that made our lives easier.” GJ van Doodewaard | Co-owner of Bagels and Beans IJdock

Bagels and Beans reached out to Sheetgo for a custom inventory management system that could scale up to their several restaurants whilst being simple and easy to use for their team members.

GJ was looking for an affordable way to automate the stock registering, check-in, and check-out process that would give them real-time updates and an overall insight into their chain’s inventory status as a whole.

One simple inventory solution managing several restaurants at once

  • Custom-built Sheetgo inventory management solution
  • Integrate with Google Forms for item registration
  • Master sheet for overall inventory visibility

With Sheetgo, Bagels and Beans use the Sheetgo inventory management solution for each of their restaurants in order to track inventory levels across the chain.

Connecting with Google Forms, each restaurant can register items going in and out of their storage. Sheetgo then uses the Merge and Filter features to create an inventory master sheet for each restaurant.

“Our whole inventory is automated and easy to understand for everyone in the company.” GJ van Doodewaard | Co-owner of Bagels and Beans IJdock

On top of this, each restaurant master sheet is then merged to create one giant master sheet for an entire overview of the chain’s inventory. Here, GJ can easily monitor key metrics across several restaurants, all in one place.

What’s more, GJ can create a custom automation schedule that updates these master sheets automatically, so that the chain has a completely self-sufficient system.

Saving 2 days per month to focus on revenue

  • Custom inventory management solution for each restaurant
  • 168 hours saved per year
  • Giant master sheet for big-picture insights

Thanks to Sheetgo, Bagels and Beans now save around 2 days per month which they can now dedicate to generating revenue.

GJ now has time to focus on other important business decisions as a co-founder. Bagel and Beans not only have store-specific automation to manage inventory effortlessly, but they also have an overall view of their inventory as a chain – a perfect insight to make large-scale decisions.

In a 30-min demo call, the team was able to save us many hours yearly. GJ van Doodewaard |Co-owner of Bagels and Beans IJdock

Bagel and Beans no longer have to constrict their inventory management needs by cost or flexibility.

As an affordable, scalable alternative to complex software, Sheetgo has provided an easy-to-use, streamlined solution that not only does the entire team understand, but will grow alongside this eco-friendly chain.

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Bagels and Beans IJdock is a flagship store of the Bagels and Beans franchise and is located in Amsterdam. Focussed on natural products and socially responsible food, Bagels and Beans’ mission is to leave you happier than when you came in.

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