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One of the challenges within schools and school districts is to easily centralize, cross and distribute data from multiple sources without the use of expensive software.

With Sheetgo it’s possible to create your own automated workflow from your schools’ current spreadsheet data. No technical skills required!



Need to share data in spreadsheets amongst your entire finance department so that you can collaborate on financial management, analysis, and reporting?

Explore Sheetgo for Teams to enable collaboration within the department, or discover other solutions for your finance tasks.


Human Resources

Human Resource teams and managers deal with large volumes of (sensitive) information. Workflows need to be reliable to handle various day-to-day tasks, processes and also ensure the protect of sensitive data.

Sheetgo’s features and Sheetgo for Teams are helping many companies to create easy to use Human Resource solutions.


Do you have inventory data spread out causing inefficiencies in your operations that impact the accuracy of your Inventories?

Organize your Inventory data by connecting and automatically transferring data from one spreadsheet to another to create an efficient and accurate Inventory Management System.



Don’t know how to manage your Marketing KPIs, Marketing SEO, SEM Landing pages and Acquisitions? Create marketing processes with tools that you already know.

With Sheetgo you can automatically transfer data between spreadsheets to create effective marketing management processes saving you time and money.


Do you have a lot of information that you need to report to investors, management, or stakeholders which makes your reporting process slow, unreliable and cumbersome?

With Sheetgo you can automatically transfer data between spreadsheets to create efficient and thorough reports saving you time and money.



Do you have multiple spreadsheets with information on closed sales and sales prospects, which makes managing your sales process slow and cumbersome?

With Sheetgo you can automatically transfer data between spreadsheets to efficiently manage sales processes saving you time and money.

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