Manage school and college data

Collect and share information with teachers in a streamlined system. Measure and track students. Organize classes and events. Customizable, flexible and user-friendly. No expensive software — just spreadsheets.

Sheetgo is perfect when you have a restricted budget while needing to create internal customized solutions. It’s easy to use, reliable, and they have amazing support.”

Michael Kaatz | Technology Specialist, Pasadena Independent School District

Register and analyze student attendance

Provide teachers with an easy way to track and monitor attendance. Gather data from multiple classes autoamatically and analyze student attendance in the dashboard.

Manage tutors and allocate student support

Allocate remedial support to students who need extra help with an automated, spreadsheet-based system. Catch students before they fall behind and manage your team of tutors all in one place.

Track student grades

Give teachers a simple system for recording student grades and automatically pull data into your master sheet. Check student and class performance at a glance in the dashboard.

Build your own education management system

Connect spreadsheets to make them work like a database. Automate and collaborate — no coding or inflexible software.

Why Sheetgo?

  • Save time with automatic updates
  • Combine data from Google Sheets, Excel and CSV
  • Consolidate data from multiple sheets into one master sheet
  • Filter and transfer the data you need
  • Create your own custom workflow
  • Adapt as you go

Connect spreadsheets, automate your work.

Connect spreadsheets, automate your work.

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