Sheetgo saves us at least 1.5 hours a day and I can keep the data updated even when I take days off for vacations.

Michael Kaatz

Technology Specialist, Pasadena Independent School District

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Pasadena Independent School District has championed innovative educational learning initiatives supported by advanced programs and technology driven resources that foster student success.

The district provides a menu of post secondary, technical and specialized opportunities that prepare students for higher education and adaptable workplace environments. There are 67 schools in the District and over 55,000 students.



One of Pasadena’s schools needed a remediation system to assign students in need of extra support to teachers that could help them out. For a school with over 2,500 student this would be difficult to do manually, resulting in errors. They tried to organize all of this data in spreadsheets using formulas to cross information. However, it became impossible to work with as it had too much data and formulas.

As a result, Pasadena wanted to have a system that made it easier for teachers to insert student demands to assign teachers to support the student. Software designed for this are too expensive and lack flexibility for customizations.


The remediation system consists of a simple form with student IDs where a teacher can flag a student in need of tutorial support. The form responses are combined with filtered data extracted from an internal database to Excel. Then connected to Google Sheets using Sheetgo to create a full report for each student.

This includes the support they need, which is then shared to the assigned teacher. Pasadena ISD saved time by automating the data flow, and avoided mistakes from manual inputs. Additionally, the automation creates a peace of mind that they don’t need to constantly monitor the system.

Sheetgo was the perfect tool to enable them to create the system they needed by making it easy to transfer, automatically update and distribute data between spreadsheets in an affordable way.

Pasadena ISD is now finding new opportunities to implement Sheetgo, like a solution to protect the privacy of their students by distributing only filtered data through the organization.

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