Pasadena: Automating a tutor management process for over 2,500 students

Sheetgo´s use cases

Using Sheetgo, Pasadena now saves around 4 days every month thanks to a custom workflow that automatically assigns tutors to a student in need of extra support.

As a result, Pasadena can provide additional guidance to over 2,500 students within a single, automated workflow.

Assigning tutors to 2,500+ students in one of their 67 schools

  • Huge, complex database full of student information
  • Impossible to manually assign tutors to 2,500 students
  • Too many spreadsheet formulas led to serious errors

One of Pasadena’s schools needed a remedial education system to assign students in need of extra support to teachers that could help them out. For a school with over 2,500 students, this would be difficult to do manually, resulting in a lot of human error.

They tried to organize all of this data into various spreadsheets, using formulas to cross over the information. However, this quickly became impossible due to the sheer amount of data as well as the number of formulas used.

“With 2,500 students worth of data to organize and manage, doing this task manually became impossible. We tried using formulas in spreadsheets to do the work for us, but they became too heavy to use.” Michael Kaatz, Technology Specialist| Pasadena Independent School District

Pasadena desperately needed a system that made it easier for teachers to insert student demands to assign tutor support to each student. Software designed for this is too expensive and lacks flexibility for customizations.

That’s why Pasadena approached Sheetgo to provide a custom tutor management solution that could connect with their existing student database.

A seamless and secure student reporting system

  • Connect Google Forms to transfer data inputs
  • 1 master sheet to combine all data sources
  • Split data to create a unique report per student

With Sheetgo, Pasadena has built a custom workflow that automatically creates reports for their 2,500 students to assign tutor support. Sheetgo turns their once endless database of data into digestible Excel files that contain information about whether a student needs extra support.

Their new workflow also connects with Google Forms, so that any student who requests extra support can submit a form and the data will be added to the workflow. The Excel files and the Google Forms submissions are then connected to a Google Sheets master spreadsheet, where Pasadena has all of the student data in one place.

“Sheetgo is perfect when you have a restricted budget while needing to create internal customized solutions. It’s easy to use, reliable, and have amazing support.” Michael Kaatz, Technology Specialist| Pasadena Independent School District

Sheetgo uses the Split feature to then divide the master sheet into separate reports for each student, keeping their personal information private and secure. These unique reports can then be distributed to the students and teachers, detailing their tutoring information.

With this new system, the school no longer has to manually update their reports or identify students who need support – Sheetgo takes over the entire process to automatically manage the tutoring management.

Saving 1 day per week to dedicate to providing quality student support

  • 4 days saved per month
  • Keeping student data private and secure
  • Managing 2,500 students in one workflow

Thanks to this new system, Pasadena now saves around 1 day per week or 1.5 hours per day which they can now dedicate to providing the top-quality support needed by their students.

What’s more, they now have a completely safe process that keeps student data 100% private and confidential to avoid any security issues.

“Sheetgo saves us at least 1.5 hours a day and I can keep the data updated even when I take days off for vacations.” Michael Kaatz, Technology Specialist| Pasadena Independent School District

With this automated workflow, this school from the Pasadena district no longer has to worry about manually updating its tutoring information.

They now have an affordable, self-sufficient solution that handles their student information securely, generating the reports they need to give their students the best guidance and support they need for the rest of their academic years.

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