Automate accounting and reporting

Create your own custom workflow for data collection, budgeting or forecasting — all from a spreadsheet. From SMEs to international accounts departments, finance teams around the world coordinate and automate their work with Sheetgo.

Sheetgo has really enabled our budgeting and forecasting to take off and be a seamless/integrated process.”

Jimmy Webb | Senior Finance Analyst, Quantum Spatial

Share finance KPIs with analysts or investors

Visualize the performance of multiple operations, projects or companies. Combine and filter data from multiple sources for automated KPI reporting.

Automate forecasting dashboards

Gather income and expenses data from multiple offices or departments and generate automated forecasting dashboards.

Consolidate reports from global offices

Gather data from teams around the world to analyze your company’s regional performance.

Build your own automated finance workflow

Connect spreadsheets to make them work like a database. Automate and collaborate — no coding or inflexible software.

All finance templates

Cash Flow
Track payments, receipts and your cash balance.

Budget vs actual
Track income and expenses to compare budget vs actual spending.

Expense tracker
Collect expenses submissions and analyze spending.

Business unit performance analysis
Monitor income and expenses for multiple units or projects.

Income statement
Track income and expenses to generate an automated statement.

Customize my template
Talk to our automation experts about custom project design.

Why Sheetgo?

  • Save time with automatic updates
  • Combine Google Sheets, Excel and CSV
  • Consolidate data from multiple sheets into one master sheet
  • Filter and transfer the data you need
  • Create your own custom workflow
  • Adapt as you go

Connect spreadsheets, automate your work.