Siguetuliga: Custom KPI reporting system for a Spanish social sports platform

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Using Sheetgo, Siguetuliga now saves around 144 hours every year with a custom solution that creates an accurate marketing report every week using data from several sources linked via connections. As a result, the team have 1.5 days extra per month to focus on the most crucial aspects of the business: data analysis.

Dealing with outdated data from multiple sources

  • Manually inputting data from several sources

  • Over half a day per week spent on extraction process

  • No time left to spend on data analysis and results
Siguetuliga has developed its programming with database MySQL, Google Workspace and Google Analytics to manage the data for all aspects of the company. Siguetuliga relied on a script to collect the data and then would manually copy and paste this data into a spreadsheet. What’s more, they’d manually copy and past data directly from Google Analytics. This had become an extremely time consuming process, taking over half a day to extract the data. Not only did this reduce the time they had to actually analyze the data properly, but by the time the data had been collected, it wasn’t as accurate as they needed.
“We were spending almost 2 days every month extracting data. It was taking away from our analysis, which is one of the most important aspects of our business.”

Diego Fernández | CEO, Siguetuliga

Siguetuliga reached out to Sheetgo to create a custom solution that would automate the extraction of data from Google Analytics and add it to Google Sheets. What’s more, they needed a reliable system that would be able to match data to customers, so they could send each customer the correct sports insights, i.e., game results, upcoming matches, league tables, etc.

Effortless data collection using Sheetgo

  • Merge to consolidate 27 spreadsheets into single report

  • Automate data collection process on weekly basis

  • Visual Marketing KPI report with key metrics

Using Sheetgo, Siguetuliga is able to connect their Google Analytics directly to Google Sheets to automate data extraction. Then, using the Merge feature, these spreadsheets are combined to create a single report. This custom solution also incorporates the database they had originally developed: MySQL. This database is exported as CSV and transferred to a KPI Google Sheets where customer data is collected. This is connected to the report spreadsheet where Analytics data is matched with customer data to create personalized sports updates.
“Using Sheetgo resulted in more time for decision making, and created more room for thinking of strategic ways of analyzing”

Diego Fernández | CEO, Siguetuliga

Siguetuliga has finally created the infrastructure they needed where time-consuming tasks have been automated to leave more quality time for data analysis and sending accurate reports to customers. At the same time, they receive the latest performance insights, including key metrics like total visits and conversion. Simply by replacing manual input on various databases and creating a custom automation schedule, the team now have access to accurate data which they can consolidate and share in a matter of minutes.

Saving 1.5 days a month to focus on data analysis

  • 144 hours saved every year

  • 100% up-to-date KPI insights 

  • Consolidate data for deeper analysis

Thanks to Sheetgo, Siguetuliga’s workload has reduce hugely, saving them around 8 hours of work per month. Now the team have the time to dedicate to top-quality analysis of data to help make their customer experience better. What’s more, they have a fully customized solution that builds on top of their existing tools to create a centralized system.
“Sheetgo saves me 12 hours a month of work, it allows me to focus on data analysis and not on the collection”

Diego Fernández | CEO, Siguetuliga

Siguetuliga can now rely on one same infrastructure to input, manage, and especially analyze data. Since Sheetgo integrates with all Google Workspace products, they don’t need to learn to use new tools and can maintain their productivity levels. As growth is assured for Siguetuliga and this system is scalable, this Sheetgo solution will grow alongside them to guarantee further efficiency and productivity.
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Siguetuliga is a social sports platform in Spain with over 2 million users. It’s a well-known online meeting point for sports fans where they can find regional sports events. Siguetuliga uses MySQL, Google G Suite, Google Analytics, and Sheetgo to run the company.
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