Spreadsheet data management

Add-on that helps to import, centralize, consolidate or distribute spreadsheet data. Sheetgo enables users to establish a live connection from any Google Sheets, Excel file and CSV file to your Google Sheets.

Link your Google Sheets with a variety of sources

Google Sheets

Connect your Google Sheets with other Google Sheets to create a system based on spreadsheets.
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Connect your Gooogle Sheets with Excel files to bring all of the spreadsheets stored locally data to the cloud.
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Connect your Google Sheets with CSV or TSV files and automatically bring all this data to your online spreadsheet.
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Only what you need

Use the filter function to import only the data that you need with a single condition OR customize complex conditions using query language.

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Centralize data from multiple sources by using the consolidate function to create a single database for analysis and reporting.

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Freeze and Append

Create a historic record of spreadsheet data by freezing spreadsheet values at specified intervals and appending new records below.

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Use the Export feature to easily and automatically distribute data from your Google Sheets to others Google Sheets.

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More features

Automatic Updates

Update connections between spreadsheets automatically at defined intervals without having to open the spreadsheet(s) or execute any manual command.

Smart delay

Sheetgo waits for formulas to be executed before consolidating the data to ensure that the source data is ready to be consolidated.

Peer-to-peer connection

The data in your spreadsheets are transmitted directly from one spreadsheet to another. Copies of your data are never sent to an external database.

Preserve Formatting

When importing data, preserve the formatting from the connected sheet, including column width, fonts, colors, borders, etc.


Sheetgo offers the same level of security as Google and all data transmission is done via a secure connection. We do not have access to your data.


If something goes wrong with the connection between the spreadsheets, users are notified by email and can see the status of all connections in one place.

Connections Overview

Provide visibility to all your created connections for easy monitoring of update type, scheduling and status.


After creating an consolidate connection, other users that have permissions to edit your Google Sheets can run and edit the connections as well.

Organizations that have already installed and trusted us

What some of our users have to say about Sheetgo

I've become extremely reliant upon this capability and continue to find new applications...
Rick Thompson, for Import Sheet
Rick Thompson Director of Marketing at Sealed Air
It would be impossible for me to do what I'm doing without the Sheetgo tool, the team, and your help.
Mathew Lahatt, for Import Sheet
Mathew Lahatt Independent IT Consultant
We are now much more efficient and profitable because of Sheetgo tool and team.
Christopher Spikes CEO & Founder at Authen