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Sheetgo: Connect spreadsheets, automate your work.


Spreadsheets are great… Until you start scaling them

Performance issues

They become slow, they slow down your browser, your computer starts ventilating. Productivity loss cascades down to the entire team as they collaborate on these sheets.

It becomes hard to keep track of it all

You have started splitting your big spreadsheet into many smaller ones… only to find that it has become an unmanageable mess.

Built-in sheets connectors are just not doing the job

You try to use formulas like IMPORTRANGE, only to find that they also cause performance issues and become unreliable beyond basic usage.

More data + more people = More mistakes

You also notice that the more people you have working with the sheets, the more mistakes are being made. Human errors that slow you down and cost you money.

Create complex spreadsheet systems without the performance issues

Sheetgo is the missing part for creating reliable connections between spreadsheets.

Sheetgo: Connect as you go


Connect your spreadsheets using Sheetgo

You’ll notice instant performance improvements. Working with slow sheets is now a thing of the past, no matter how much data you have.

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Control the frequency & schedule of updates

Not too often, not too infrequently. Just enough so you get the job done.

Real-time and uncontrolled execution of IMPORTRANGE is a major cause of slow sheets.

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Sheetgo: A one-stop automation platform
Sheetgo: Connect as you go


Visualize & build complex workflows

You’ll always have a big-picture overview of how the different parts of your workflow interact. Be the architect of your own solution without being overwhelmed.

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Go beyond Google Sheets

Integrates with all the major cloud storage platforms.

What our users are saying

Over 2 million people are getting more out of their spreadsheets using Sheetgo.

Great product. Reliable & easy to use. Saved us a huge amount of time, especially when working with very large files in Google Sheets which can end up becoming unresponsive when trying to edit manually. Sheetgo solves this problem.

James Davies, Founder at Crossover Communications

I’ve been using Sheetgo now for almost 2 years. It’s easy, powerful, and the Sheetgo team offers amazing customer service. I highly recommend that you check out Sheetgo. You will not be dissapointed!

David Johnson, VP of Paid Media at Constellation Agency

We’ve been doing lots of manual work and we were wondering if there was a “set and forget” solution in the market. With Sheetgo our dashboards grow automatically, so we can focus on the content instead of making sure the latest update was correctly done. A game-changer!

Andres van der Boor, Senior Marketer at MT/Sprout

This works exactly as described — couldn’t do our business without it!

Harrison Harbin, Director of Digital Media at DOM360

Sheetgo has allowed us to facilitate and optimize the collection of data from many suppliers spread across many Excel spreadsheets in a few files that bring it all together. A huge time saver!

Clément Bocqué, Analyst at PepsiCo

Does what it says on the box with an ever growing set of functions. The product has saved us writing endless Google Apps script routines, a very cost-effective solution.

Mark Burgin, Director at Sysco Productions

Say goodbye to slow spreadsheets forever

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