Latitude 59: Automated events management workflow for European tech event platform

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Using Sheetgo, Latitude59 now save around 380 hours of work per year using a custom workflow that connects their user’s attendance data with roundtable information to create unique events schedules in one location. As a result, they now have a completely automated solution that gives them 4 extra days per month to focus on their non-profit key actions.

Finding an efficient way to manage a high volume of data

  • Struggle to deal with huge volumes of data

  • Difficult to centralize hundreds of roundtable events

  • Manual input was too time consuming

The organizers of Latitude59 were looking for a way to streamline their data processes for an efficient events management solution. With over 100 roundtable events over several days to manage, and thousands of attendance requests from attendees, manually handling these requests was out of the question.
“It was the very first time we ran online roundtables. In four days, we had around 120 of these sessions taking place simultaneously.”

Kadri Sundja, Head of Programme and Mentoring | Latitude59

The team needed a way to filter this large amount of events data according to schedule, approve all attendance registrations by customers, and finally create attendance lists to share directly with these customers. Latitude59 reached out to Sheetgo to create a custom workflow solution that would be able to work with their existing tools such as Google Forms, which they used to collect registrations by attendees.

A custom events organization solution using existing tools

  • Connecting hundreds of Google Forms and Sheets
  • Filter data automatically according to specific criteria

  • Split data to create unique itinerary per attendee
With the help of the Sheetgo experts, Latitude59 built and scaled a fully customized events management solution. The workflow connects the Google Forms responses with the Roundtable Google Sheets to find out which attendees want to attend each roundtable. These connections are combined with spreadsheet functions such as QUERY, ARRAY and VLOOKUP to match the attendee to their desired event. This data is added to a new approvals sheet.
“As with your usual beta launch, we only had rough ideas about processes and were not ready to handle this amount of data. With Sheetgo we were quickly able to get on top of it.”

Kadri Sundja, Head of Programme and Mentoring | Latitude59

The approvals sheet is then analyzed by events organizers to approve attendee numbers for each roundtable event. Once approved, Sheetgo uses the Split feature to create a unique events schedule for each attendee, which are located in one folder in their system, ready to send out as they please. Finally, Latitide59 use the smart automations feature to keep the workflow updated at regular intervals during this time, so that they always have the latest, up-to-date events infromation at hand.

Saving 1 day of work each week to focus on event management

  • 380 hours saved every year

  • 4 days of work saved every month

  • 100% up-to-date information for all event information

Latitude59 organizers now have a fully automated events management solution where they can easily see how many events and attendees they need to organize and manage. They now save around 380 hours thanks to no longer needing to manually input and update the events information themselves. As a result, what was once a very stressful, high-pressure week, is now a smooth process thanks to Sheetgo.

“We needed a way to improve managing the roundtable events, even before the registration process. We now have truly reliable insights to organize events that people actually want.”

Sally Hill | Responsible for Roundtables, Latitude59

With streamlined communication, real-time updates and centralized data, the efficiency and quality of event management has majorly increased. Moreover, Sheetgo has used the existing tools and processes they already had, optimizing these in a way that not only saved them a lot of money, but also made their work a lot more simple. This tailored solution is also extremely scalable, so it will grow alongside Latitude59.
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Latitude59 is the flagship digital technology and entrepreneurship event hosted annually in Tallinn, Estonia. It offers 99% of government services online and an e-residency program, allowing non-Estonians to run a business online from anywhere in the world.
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