Waterman Broadcasting: Connecting field teams with TV programming for time slot management with Sheetgo

Waterman Broadcasting

Waterman Broadcasting needs to supply a wide variety of networks with accurate information that changes every single day.

By using Sheetgo to help automate the consolidation and distribution process, they give over 40 unique users easy access to all the information they need while also saving $13,000 per year.

Efficient time slot management needs to be automated

  • Waterman need to keep over 40 people, spread over 13 groups, up to date with their latest time slot information
  • Waterman’s team of 20+ sales staff need real-time updates that ensure they can sell with optimal efficiency
  • An in-house solution based on a SQL script was in development, but a fully automated solution was needed to free the VP from time-consuming manual entry

With 20+ sales staff, 40 people to update daily and the need for 100% accurate programing information, Waterman needed a new approach to managing their time slot information.

They had already begun to look into database queries and had identified the need for increased levels of automation if they were going to scale efficiently.

Very happy with it! Sheetgo allowed me to do a lot of automation and streamline a process that gets a lot of information out very quickly and accurately to all of the people that use it. It’s a great utility.”

Gerry Poppe, VP/CFO, Waterman Broadcasting

Waterman had identified the need to find a way to automatically populate Google Sheets at scale and went in search of a solution.

They found Sheetgo via search and found everything they needed so didn’t look further.

Connecting field teams with TV programming information using Sheetgo

  •  Every 2 minutes, automations from Robocopy run to pull raw data from their internal server to DropBox
  • Sheetgo then automatically takes DropBox data, shares it with a Google Sheets file and shares across 13 distinct groups
  • Sheetgo Filter features to show specific users exactly what they need to see, and nothing more

By using Robocopy to start the automation process every 2 minutes, Waterman Broadcasting are able to ensure that their data truly is real-time.

Sheetgo provides the missing link that takes data from DropBox, moves it into Google Sheets, and then provides unique users with the subset of the master data they need to fulfill their role.

Perfect tool for updating Google Sheets automatically without the need for constant supervision!”

Gerry Poppe, VP/CFO, Waterman Broadcasting

Sheetgo allows Waterman Broadcasting to not only automate and save $13,000 a year in manual tracking, but to also automatically shift schedules based on the very latest program changes. Multiple spreadsheets that were prone to developing and propagating errors were put to one side to be replaced with a single master location capable of updating in real time.

The result gives over 40 professionals instant access to a schedule that is never more than 60 minutes old.

Centralized order data distribution for paperless tracking

  • Sheetgo takes programing data across 20+ newscasts, network specials and syndicated shows and updates automatically based on programing shifts
  • Automatic updates save the company $13,000 per year, and save the VP manual entry that scales exponentially with company growth
  • Sheetgo is able to deliver a 9x ROI, allowing them to better allocate their budgetary resources

Sheetgo deployment has automated the scheduling process and ensured more than 40 professionals are always working with data that’s no more than 60 minutes old.

The move has saved them $13,000 a year through reduced manual entry and duplication of effort while also eliminating manual errors that are hard to track across time.

“It’s been a big utility. We’ve created a sequel extract and then Sheetgo grabs that extract file, that Excel file, and populates Google Sheets where all the rest of the magic is done to get it to the people that need it.

Gerry Poppe, VP/CFO, Waterman Broadcasting

Sheetgo has allowed Waterman Broadcasting to make use of an automated solution that provides everyone with the latest time slot information. By automatically updating when a sale is made, or a program is moved, their new master file provides a central location from which everyone can work.

They now have a flexible, accurate and highly scalable tool that can be used to support future expansion and growth.

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Waterman Broadcasting covers a daily TV program listing of 20+ newscasts, network specials and a wide variety of syndicated programming. They need a simple way to provide each network with a set of information that changes on a daily basis.

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