JX Truck Center: Automated inventory management delivered by Sheetgo

JX Truck Center

JX Truck Center is a well-known transportation supplier working across 27 different locations and an expanding range of manufacturers.

By using Sheetgo they can better manage inventory, provide real-time updates to field sales and save up to 12 hours a week on reporting, updates and data dissemination. This equates to a $22,000 annual saving.

Updating stock and sales level across 27 different locations

  • Manual entry is time-consuming and requires each stock item to be updated 27 times (once for each location)
  • Data has to be readily accessible by sales agents in the field and updated automatically to drive decisions
  • The right location-based data needs to be efficiently delivered to each Regional Sales Representative in a standardized manner

JX Truck Center were using a combination of in-house spreadsheet solutions and manual entry in an attempt to provide real-time sales data to the field.

The issue was that as their number of locations and product inventory grew, their 27 locations led to an exponential increase in time spent on this key task. Agents in the field were left working from outdated sales figures and no standardized approach was in place across regions.

The world runs on Excel (spreadsheets)!”

Joseph Yearous, Purchasing Manager, JX Truck Center

JX knew they needed a flexible and scalable solution capable of providing a standardized output that covered all locations, product lines and was broken up by region. They had worked to learn SQL in-house but had reached their ceiling in terms of resources and available time.

They reached out to Sheetgo for a solution to their information dumping and increasing reliance on manual copy and pasting to move data between spreadsheets.

Automated inventory management using Sheetgo

  • Daily automations are used to move data between Google Sheets and Excel
  • Sheetgo consolidates raw data pulled from the in-house stock and sales systems
  • Data is broken up by region and sent to the relevant representative in the field

By using Sheetgo, JX can now perform daily automated migration of data that takes it from a raw output from their in-house systems, into a standardized and readily accessible set of sales figures. The data is segmented by region and automatically sent to the relevant representative in the field.

This process impacts the working ability of up to 700 people and safely navigates 120 touch points along the way.

Live help is extraordinary at Sheetgo, unbelievable.”

Joseph Yearous, Purchasing Manager, JX Truck Center

Sheetgo allows JX to deliver up-to-date sales and stock figures to every representative in the field, allowing them to make smarter decisions and offer quicker turnaround times to customers.

Efficiency is also improved in-house, with a single Purchasing Manager now saving up to 12 hours a week on manual entry and duplication of effort.

Securing a $22K annual saving for smarter growth

  • $22,000 annual saving
  • Up-to-date sales and stock levels benefit up to 700 people
  • Information dumping via copy and paste is no longer needed

By delivering $22,000 in annual savings, JX’s decision to use Sheetgo allows their Purchasing Manager to spend more time empowering the sales representatives to make data-driven decisions.

Stock levels and sales targets are updated daily, ensuring the company can grow faster and more profitably in the future.

I use Sheetgo because it saves me 10-12 hours of work per week.”

Joseph Yearous, Purchasing Manager, JX Truck Center

With help from Sheetgo, JX no longer has to devote 12 hours a week to manual entry and duplication of effort, only to still end up with outdated stock and sales data.

They are currently planning on rolling out Sheetgo to otherer areas of their business — chiefly with a greater focus on sales — where they have already identified a monthly saving of 2-3 working days spent on adjusting pricing data.

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JX Truck Center is a multi-site transportation company handling stock from a growing portfolio of suppliers across 27 different sites. They rely on fast, accurate and accessible data to deliver for their customers and clients.



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