Mercy Corps: Communications management solution for international migration non-profit

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Using Sheetgo, Mercy Corps now save around 240 hours every single year with an automated communications management solution that consolidates 40 different location spreadsheets with other data sources. As a result, they now have 2-3 extra days per month to focus on their non-profit key actions.

Finding a centralized communications management system

  • Complex information management across 40+ locations

  • Struggle to find an easy-to-use tool on global scale

  • Encountered Google Sheets data limitations

One of the key challenges that Mercy Corps were facing was successfully managing information and communication channels across the globe. Running and coordinating multi-country programs is not an easy task in itself, especially when these programs require training tools and keeping track of highly mobile program participants.
“We urgently needed a way to improve information sharing and financial services for young migrators.”

Justin Colvard, Deputy Country Director | Mercy Corps

Mercy Corps reached out to Sheetgo looking to improve their communication system and sharing of information between different country teams. Although they found Google Sheets to be a temporary solution for information management, this approach soon fell short in terms of data storage capacity and account permissions.

Effortless data centralization using Sheetgo

  • Merging 18 country-specific spreadsheets
  • Control over edit permissions for each file
  • Automatic update schedule for up-to-date insights
Sheetgo has helped Mercy Corps meet their main challenge by allowing all spreadsheets to ‘talk to one another’. Using the Merge feature, the country-specific spreadsheets are combined into one master sheet, giving them full visibility of their data. The organization don’t have to worry about editing permissions anymore, as in this master sheet, the data will be protected. This means they are able to view each other’s data, without interfering with the overall business workflow or structure.
“Sheetgo has really opened up the stream of communications between our teams in Mali, Niger, and Tunisia.”

Justin Colvard, Deputy Country Director | Mercy Corps

By connecting the multiple data sources in different areas, Sheetgo has made it possible for Mercy Corps to centralize data, resulting in better communication flow and real-time information sharing. What’s more, through scheduling automatic updates team members have access to the latest insights, as all the information is kept up-to-date.

Saving 3 days per month to focus more the quality of the programs

  • 240 hours saved every year

  • 3 days of work saved every month

  • 100% up-to-date information for all locations

Thanks to this new communication management system, Mercy Corps now save a total of 240 hours every year which can now be dedicated to expanding the reach and ensuring program quality across all target locations. Replacing the decentralized system which made it harder to share key information, Mercy Corps employees now save 2-3 days every month with this automated workflow.
“By using Sheetgo it’s now possible to promote real-time communication, transparency and sharing between the three country teams.”

Justin Colvard | Deputy Country Director, Mercy Corps

By using Sheetgo, it’s now possible to promote real-time communication, transparency, and sharing between the three country teams. Moreover, Sheetgo’s user-friendly interface makes it easy to train other team members on how to link multiple files together while maintaining productivity and growth.
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MERCY CORPS is an international non-profit working in over 40 countries. Over the next two years, one of their key activities is to identify future young migrators and offer them the necessary information and skills to migrate safely.
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