SmartSpotter: Automating retailer agreements with live dashboard updates powered by Sheetgo

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By ensuring retailers, distributors and suppliers are continually updated regarding consumer actions, SmartSpotter ensures every point-of-sale resource is aligned for optimal conversions. To make this possible, they need to collect, analyze and redistribute a constantly growing portfolio of information to an ever growing list of clients.

SmartSpotter is able to perform a single weekly Excel data download into a Google Drive folder, automatically merge with Sheetgo and then feed and update custom client dashboards in Datastudio.

Eliminating manual data imports between Excel and Google Sheets

  • Dealt with errors, delays and scaling issues from manual entry
  • Missing out on key data from a great number of clients

SmartSpotter began to scale their retail insights platform across multiple clients and niches. Their manual approach had proven the concept and the results they could deliver for their customers, but they needed to eliminate time-consuming manual entry and duplication of effort.

It quickly became clear that their three-step process of extracting data from Excel to Sheets to a custom Datastudio dashboard was not sustainable as their client base grew. Delays, errors and undetected mistakes would harm their reputation and reduce the quality of their service.

“We tried different products, Excel formulas and it was too complicated.” Andres Velasquez, Sales Director, SmartSpotter

SmartSpotter wanted an adaptable approach that would allow them to populate a constantly expanding portfolio of custom dashboards. They also wanted to make sure everything was scheduled and automated so that as they grew, the quality of their service never suffered.

They reached out to Sheetgo and asked for our input with a solution that would allow them to automatically build and maintain their dashboards.

Building a smart consolidation solution with Sheetgo

  • Cross-cloud connections between Excel and GS
  • All-in-on budgeting breakdown for each client
  • Results visibe in real-time dashboards for each client

Thanks to Sheetgo, SmartSpotter has been able to build a simple, scalable process for moving data from their raw Excel sheets into customer-facing dashboards. Their choice of solution is automated, streamlined and scheduled in advance.

This not only saves them an hour a day managing their current portfolio of clients, it also allows them to scale faster and deliver a more reliable and consistent service.

“Sheetgo is basically the enabler between our data collection and our deliverable to our customers.”

Andres Velasquez, Sales Director, SmartSpotter

By using Sheetgo, SmartSpotter is now able to move data between Excel, Sheets and a constantly expanding range of custom dashboards.

No technical knowledge or formula coding is required and everything can be automated and scheduled in advance, freeing the team up to sell more packages of services to new and existing clients.

Saving an hour a day to grow faster

  • 1 hour a day saved with their first 5 clients
  • More time and resources to focus on growth
  • 100% up-to-date custom dashboard data

Thanks to their new automated solution, SmartSpotter is now able to update clients faster, direct more time and resources to expansion and eliminate manual entry errors.

This means they’re able to deliver a faster, more accurate service with less time and effort. A clear win- win for everyone involved.

“It’s a no-brainer solution. You don’t have to think about it. Once set up, it just works…”

Andres Velasquez, Sales Director, SmartSpotter

SmartSpotter is no longer forced to struggle with manual data migration and the issues this quickly presents when they attempt to scale.

They now have a versatile, accurate and flexible tool that adapts to any volume of clients and dashboards they have on their books.

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SmartSpotter is a software platform for efficient retail auditing. Their unique retail-specialised solution connects flexible, experienced workforces and/or your own personnel with modern digital applications to optimise in-store execution.



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