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eXtra Stores is a well-established omni-channel retailer of electrical and electronic products that needs continually updated reporting data to push best selling items.

eXtra Stores uses Sheetgo to move data between departments to provide hourly sales updates. eXtra Stores can now streamline this process by halving the time taken to report. This saves them at least 100 hours every month.

Making hourly reporting accessible to mobile devices

  • A team of 8 need accurate data updated hourly
  • Excel files with pivots can’t be used on mobile devices
  • 45 stores (across 3 countries) need to report hourly

eXtra Stores were using an email-based reporting system that involved heavy use of Excel attachments. When the files contained pivots and filters they were not readily accessible via mobile devices.

This made it increasingly challenging for them to push for best selling items and continue to grow as they scaled their business.

I was just going online looking on how to connect these Excel files to a system that could automatically update this for me every hour so I could stay updated with all the sales and reporting.

Arbash Javed,  Ecommerce Trading Head, eXtra Stores

eXtra Stores wanted a flexible and adaptable reporting system that would work across any device and scale with their business.

It needed to be readily accessible by a range of different departments, including: sales, merchandising, stock, replenishment and the CMO. This meant that the solution had to be intuitive and easy to use across all levels and functions.

Smart reporting using Sheetgo

  • Hourly reporting eliminates need for large amount of manual emailing
  • Sheetgo passes data to relevant teams and departments for review
  • Readily scalable as they continue to add to their 45 stores and 3 locations

eXtra Stores use Sheetgo to remove the issue with accessing Excel pivots and filters from mobile devices within emails. Excel files are now automatically merged into a single Google Sheet on an hourly basis. This file is then passed to a Google Data Studio dashboard everyone reports to.

More than 50 people now have direct access to the automated reporting Sheetgo makes possible. This is currently saving the team over 100 working hours every single month.

What really convinced me to pick Sheetgo instead of the alternatives is the simplicity, the user-friendliness, and the 14 day free trial.

Arbash Javed,  Ecommerce Trading Head, eXtra Stores

Sheetgo enables eXtra Stores to speed up merchandising decisions by 50% and allows them to make more agile, data-driven decisions.

They have also been able to connect external vendors to their reporting system, allowing them to see how their own products are performing in real time.

Halving decision times with Sheetgo

  • Minimum of 100 hours saved each month
  • 50+ people benefit from automated hourly reports
  • 45 stores across 3 countries are always up to date

By reducing decision making times by 50%, eXtra Stores is using Sheetgo to act with greater efficiency and agility in a fast changing eCommerce environment.

Their initial implementation was so quick and easy that they were able to start sending files in as little as 1-2 hours.

It has reduced the duration of merchandising updates by almost 50%, because of the faster decision-making process.

Arbash Javed,  Ecommerce Trading Head, eXtra Stores

Thanks to Sheetgo, eXtra Stores is able to move beyond heavy use of manually sent emails and complex Excel sheets. Now they can reduce time taken to report by 50% and make smarter, faster and more accurate merchandising decisions.

This is all done with an automated setup that’s accessible in 3 countries, used by more than 50 employees and also open to external vendors.

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eXtra Stores offers a large selection of home appliances, mobiles, cameras, air conditioners and toys from leading international brands. They pride themselves on delivering safe online shopping and fast delivery.

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