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Monthly / user

Billed annually & save 3 months payment

  • 9 Connections ?

  • 300 updates per month
  • Online Support


Monthly / user

Billed annually & save 3 months payment

  • 30 Connections ?

  • 3,000 updates per month
  • Priority online support


Monthly / user

Billed annually & save 3 months payment

  • 90 Connections ?

  • 30,000 updates per month
  • Prioritized online and phone support
  • Transfer connection ownership

Sheetgo for Companies


For small companies and departments. Get 2 licenses for the price of 1 for teams of 4 or more people.


For medium to large companies. Customized solutions that can include licenses and implementation for domains.

Companies worldwide trust Sheetgo

Sheetgo for Good

Non-profits & Education

We want to support you in creating a positive impact in the world! Share your social capital with us by letting us know your story to access our special prices.


We believe that data and metrics are essential for a startup to succeed. So, we have especial plan to support your growth.

A Few words from our users

Amazing tool to work with your data files. Makes everything easier, quicker and the results are GREAT!

Clara Ayxandri

Sheetgo is great. This product has allowed us to take business workflows and reporting to the next level.

Cullin McGrath

Very effective at syncing data between Excel and Google Sheets. Excellent addition to my Sheets productivity.

Parker Muir

Q&A about signing up

What is a connection and an update?

A connection is created whenever you link a sheet (tab) of a source spreadsheet to your destination spreadsheet (your current one). An update is used each time a connection runs to transfer data from the source to the destination.

What payment method is used?

You can make a payment with your credit card. We accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. Alternatively, you can also use PayPal.

After making the payment, how do I use my license?

After receiving the payment confirmation, the license will be automatically attributed to the user who you informed while purchasing. Close and reopen Sheetgo for the license to take effect.

Who needs to have a license?

Only those team members who are going to create connections and run these with an automatic update schedule need to purchase a license. The normal pricing plans are always associated with just one licensed user. We also have special offers for multiple team licenses.

What is the duration of the license?

We offer two plan durations:

  • Monthly: Your license will be renewed automatically and your credit card be charged monthly.
  • Annual: Your license will be renewed automatically and your credit card be charged annually.

How do I cancel?

You may cancel your license at any time by filling in your request on the cancellation form.

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