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“Sheetgo has really opened up the stream of communications between our teams in Mali, Niger, and Tunisia.”

Justin Colvard
Deputy Country Director, Mercy Corps

“One thing that caught my attention from the beginning was how the combination of Sheetgo’s Connection features and data-transfer automation functionality could be so powerful.”

Jimmy Webb
Senior Finance Analyst, Quantum Spatial

“Sheetgo saves us at least 1.5 hours a day and I can keep the data updated even when I take days off for vacations.”

Michael Kaatz
Technology Specialist, Pasadena Independent School District

Sheetgo for Good

Special offer for Non-profits & Educational organizations to increase your positive impact in the world! Share your stories to inspire others on the Sheetgo community.

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Frenquently Asked Questions

What is a connection?

A connection is created every time you link a sheet (tab) from a source spreadsheet to a destination spreadsheet to keep transferring data from one to another.

What is an update?

Each time a connection runs to transfer data from the source to the destination spreadsheet it is considered an update.
Click to update your data in the sync arrow of each connection or schedule your automatic updates to save hours of manual work per week.

What do I have access to in the free plan?

You’ll be able to create up to 5 connections, consolidate up to 3 sheets, connect only with Google Sheets, click to update your connections, and online support.

To enable automatic updates and connect to other file types, upgrade to a paid plan.

Feel free to contact us on [email protected], if you have any question.

What is a consolidate?

Consolidate is a connection that instead of having one sheet as the source, you select sheets from multiple source spreadsheets to consolidate it into a single master sheet at the destination spreadsheet. You can select sheet by sheet or select a folder as the source to create the consolidate connection.

Which files can I use with Sheetgo?

Sheetgo is compatible with Google Sheet, MS Excel, ODS, and CSV files. To create a connection, all files need to be stored in Google Drive.

What happens when I opt in to a trial?

When you´re in a trial period, you can try all premium features, like automatic updates and consolidating more than three source sheets. In the end, you can choose to downgrade to a free account or upgrade to our paid plan to keep using the premium features.

Who needs to have a Sheetgo license?

People who want to create connections that need premium features.
Share the connections of a specific workflow you´ve created with your colleagues to enable them to interact with them, understand the data flow, and check the health of the system you´ve created. They can collaborate with you using the free plan, and only need to upgrade when they feel like using premium features.

How can I cancel my plan?

We will be sad to see you leaving, but you can easily cancel your plan in your account page whenever you feel like it. We are focused in making you successful, so before canceling we recommend you to talk with us about any doubts you may have.

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