Spotahome: Automating booking and payment management for an online rental platform

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Using Sheetgo, Spotahome now saves around 550 hours every single year with an automated booking and payment management system to handle global data. As a result, they now have 5-6 extra days per month to focus on optimizing customers’ rental experience.

Finding an integrated system for booking and payment

  • Looking for a faster booking and payment system

  • Time-consuming copy-pasting methods 

  • Struggle to monitor data from various data sources

Spotahome was facing two key challenges. The first was that it had to manage many landlords who owned multiple properties. Manually tracking each payment per landlord, per property, and per period was simply too time-consuming for employees.

The second major challenge was linked to the rental statuses, such as upcoming booking and payments. It became impossible for employees to manually search and find data to copy and paste it into the appropriate files.

“Sheetgo helps us to be more accurate in our processes and avoids a lot of headaches too.”

Daniel Robles | Accounts Receivable Specialist at Spotahome

Spotahome reached out to Sheetgo for an all-in-one solution that could tackle both of these challenges at the same time. Not only did they need to avoid manual and time-consuming processes, but they also needed to improve the overall management experience for landlords.

Fast and simple tracking of bookings and payments

  • Merge landlord data into single master sheet
  • Instant status updates to avoid payment mistakes
  • Schedule automatic updates for up-to-date insights

Sheetgo provided Spotahome with a fully automated management solution that could address their two main challenges in the same workflow. Firstly, using the Merge feature, Sheetgo combined all landlord data into one large master sheet, so that Spotahome could have all their details in one place. This meant that whenever Spotahome received a payment, they could easily search for the landlords data, and then update the payment status.

“Just one click and it’s done! Only had to set it up once.”

Daniel Robles | Accounts Receivable Specialist at Spotahome

To solve the second challenge, Sheetgo connected a spreadsheet containing all booking data to a master sheet. This connection automatically transferred new information such as upcoming bookings, successful payments, and booking details to the master sheet.

Now, the Spotahome team is able to track bookings from start to finish, from the moment the booking is requested until the customer has paid their fees. As a result, Spotahome is able to eliminate the risk of payment errors, which could be extremely costly for the company.

Saving 6 days of work per month to focus more time on data analysis

  • 550 hours saved every year
  • 100% up-to-date bookings and payments
  • All-in-one custom management solution

Thanks to this automated booking and payment solution, Spotahome is saving 550 hours every single year which they can now dedicate to growing their business.

Replacing the previous manual procedures for inputting data and transferring data across the multiple sources, Spotahome now saves 6 days of work every single month with this automated workflow. Their Sheetgo alternative is not only more efficient, but it also provides complete data privacy due to its 100% control over connections.

“Sheetgo enables our Accounting department to create a simple and efficient forecast process in Google Sheets, it saves us some serious time and money”

Daniel Robles | Accounts Receivable Specialist at Spotahome

Spotahome no longer has to struggle with manual data entry and spend more time solving input errors. They now have their bookings and payments within one scalable workflow, using everyday tools to optimize productivity. Finally, they now have an affordable, long-term solution, which will grow alongside their business.

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Spotahome is an online booking platform for non-vacation home rentals. Founded in Spain in 2014, the company’s mission is to provide a quick and simple rental experience for landlords and tenants.
This online platform eliminates the need for in-person viewings and offers a multilingual customer support service which makes renting abroad possible.

Features used

Google Sheets
Google Drive
Automatic updates