Authen: Custom inventory management sales solution for Brazilian sports brand

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Using Sheetgo, Authen now saves around 675 hours every single year with a custom-made inventory managment solution that consolidates their various sales and inventory sources to have a visual overview of their entire operation. As a result, the team saves an entire week per month to focus on providing a quick and simple rental experience for both employees and customers.

Finding a way to optimize pre-inventory sales

  • Dealing with numerous sales reps in the field
  • Struggle to monitor data from various data sources

  • Production relies on accurate sales data – risk of loss

Authen has an on-demand production approach. Sales reps are responsible for acquiring new customers and selling activewear items that haven’t been produced yet. Because of this, Authen needed a pre-inventory system to keep track of what, where, when, and for whom they needed to produce these items. From here, the production team would have a clear idea of what they needed to produce, and where to deliver. If the sales data was inaccurate, this would hugely affect their entire process.
“We needed a way to consolidate our sales rep data to give our productive team the most accurate production information. It’s crucial to our on-demand production model” Christopher Spikes, CEO & Founder, Authen
Authen reached out to Sheetgo to create not just any type of inventory solution, but one that could adapt to a pre-production phase of active sportswear for women. If they had a way to merge this data, connect various data sources, and then have a reliable way to track these items, it would make it easier to manage the process from pre-selling to production, as well as delivery.

Aligning orders and production in a seamless workflow

  • Merge to consolidate 75 sales rep spreadsheets 

  • Inventory master sheet for big-picture insights

  • Custom automation schedule for latest updates

Authen now has a custom inventory management solution that tracks pre-orders and sales to connect sales reps with the production team. Sales reps input their sales and pre-order data into their own spreadsheets. Using the Sheetgo Merge feature, all pre-orders are combined into a pre-order inventory master sheet, whilst all sales are added to a sales master sheet. These two sheets are connected to an inventory master sheet, where the company can manage the overall inventory and make sure everything is aligned.
“I never realized how much manual work could be reduced while working with multiple sheets.” Christopher Spikes, CEO & Founder, Authen

With this system, Authen is able to centralize all their sales and orders, whilst the production team has a clear view of orders. What’s more, the inventory master sheet offers key metrics such as overall stock, total orders, and total deliveries. Thanks to a custom automation schedule, the team receives close to real-time information sharing, so all sales representatives can access to the latest insights.

Saving almost 2 days a week to focus on inventory tracking

  • 675 hours saved every year

  • A week of work saved every month
  • 100% up-to-date inventory status across departments

Thanks to this custom inventory management solution, Authen saves 675 hours annually, which they can now dedicate to continue growing their business through better analysis. Keeping track of so many spreadsheets was too time-consuming. Now that key data is automatically shared between departments, Authen has noticed a major increase in their productivity level by saving over a whole week of work every month!
“Sheetgo’s automated inventory process is saving us some serious time” Christopher Spikes, CEO & Founder, Authen
Authen no longer has to waste time and effort on sharing data across departments, or worrying about incorrect product numbers versus order numbers. This new system built on spreadsheets does the work for them, and will continue to scale to their growing needs.
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Authen, headquartered in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is the first and largest Brazilian Technical Activewear brand focused on women’s running apparel that blends American engineering with a Brazilian soul for a truly exceptional and unique experience.
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