TCTC: An automated student reporting process for a 20+ school district in Ohio

Sheetgo´s education use case

Thanks to Sheetgo, the Trumbull Career and Technical Center (TCTC) now save 10 hours every month with a custom student reporting process for over 20 schools in the county.

As a result, TCTC has a completely automated, reliable reporting solution that keeps student data private and secure.

Manually transferring data for 1,000 students to 20+ schools

  • Difficulty consolidating data from 20 source locations
  • Creating a learning schedule for 1,000+ registered students
  • Struggle to keep personal student data private

Offering students from 20+ different schools the opportunity to learn new courses at their technical center, TCTC had to deal with a huge amount of student data to register students, plan courses, schedule their lessons and organize exams. As TCTC does not graduate the students themselves, they also need to communicate the performance information of every single student back to the 20 different schools.

The main problem was to bring the student school information automatically to their spreadsheets, consolidate them and export the students’ results back to the schools.

“It would take me forever to go through different files to get the information needed.”

Paula Baco, Program Supervisor | Trumbull Career and Technical Center

TCTC was dealing with around 1,000 students, which meant a lot of time was spent manually inputting this data and transferring it where it needed to go. This became even more cumbersome when it came to sharing this data externally, as it was paramount that student data was kept private.

That’s why they reached out to Sheetgo, to find an automatic solution that still allowed them to have 100% control over how their student data was consolidated and shared.

A safe and secure solution to manage student data

  • Merge files to manage 20+ school data in one place
  • Split data to control how private information is sent back to schools
  • Maintain sources of truth to identify student data

With Sheetgo, TCTC is able to manage its entire student body within a single automated workflow. TCTC now merges its thousands of rows of student data from the 20+ different schools into a single database.

Here, they have full control of this private data, as well as a clear record of the data source for each row of student data. What’s more, they can easily monitor student performance from one single place.

“Sheetgo is a lifesaver!”

Paula Baco, Program Supervisor | Trumbull Career and Technical Center

TCTC then uses the Split feature to divide this master sheet back into new spreadsheets for each school, so that each school receives only their student’s test results, ready for graduation.

This means that no private student information is shared with other schools, and the 20+ schools within the district receive the correct performance data in a single spreadsheet file.

Saving 10 days a month to focus more on student wellbeing

  • 120 hours saved per year
  • 100% data integrity of student information
  • Managing 20+ schools in one place

Thanks to Sheetgo, TCTC now save around 10 days per month by replacing their manual student reporting tasks with an entirely automated system.

By connecting over 20 data sources with Sheetgo, TCTC can centralize student data for easier management across the entire district.

“Now that we no longer have to manually create student reports ourselves, we have the time we need to focus on helping more students receive tech education.”

Paula Baco, Program Supervisor | Trumbull Career and Technical Center

TCTC no longer has to struggle with keeping student information secure. They now have 100% control over their data, and can send specific information back to the corresponding schools with ease.

Now, TCTC can focus on other areas of their school with a self-sufficient, reliable workflow to manage student reporting for them.

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TCTC works with 20 schools in their county, providing career tech education. TCTC provides a combination of academic and career-technical skills and experience in a safe, non-hostile and diverse environment for students to choose from a range of post-secondary career options.

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