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Paula Baco

Program/Guidance Supervisor, Trumbull Career and Technical Center

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As a Public Career Tech Center, TCTC works with 20 schools from their county, providing schools career tech education. TCTC’s enables students to become productive members of society by providing a comprehensive combination of academic and career-technical skills and experience in a safe, non-hostile diverse environment.

Their students will be prepared to select from a wide range of post-secondary career and educational options that are commensurate with the students’ aptitudes and interests.


TCTC has about 1000 students in their building from different schools and therefore they need to receive data of those individual students. TCTC uses the data for planning courses, schedules, tutoring sessions, exams et cetera.

Since TCTC does not graduate those students themselves, they also need to communicate the student information back to those 20 different schools. The main problem was to bring the student school information automatically to their spreadsheets, consolidate them and export the students results back to the schools.

Another challenge was during testing season. TCTC has kids from 20 different districts registering to come and visit the center and they needed to organize these registrations to create schedules.


The first solution was created by using Sheetgo’s connect feature to link all those different spreadsheets from the 20 schools to TCTC. Then, with the consolidate feature, Paula consolidated all the different spreadsheets from different schools into one spreadsheet.

Paula now has a sheet per home school which she can edit and all these sheets are now consolidated to have a master sheet. The master sheet is used to have an overview of all students per school.

Moreover, there are two more staff members that have specific student information going into the same workflow using Sheetgo. In the same easy way, she could implement a workflow by consolidating student registration from all 20 schools in a master sheet to create a schedule.

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