Redcliff Bakery & Eatery: Production order centralization by Sheetgo

Redcliff Bakery & Eatery

Redcliff Bakery & Eatery is a family-run Canadian bakery with an online presence and 3 physical locations.

By using Sheetgo they are able to better calculate overnight production quantities for better stock levels the following day. Data is shared across 5 departments, 3 stores and an online delivery service.

Accurate nightly production data across 3 locations and an online store

  • As sales grew and diversified they needed to focus and move towards more efficient centralized production
  • Data must be presented in a standardized format and readily available to 5 distinct production departments, each catering for a different range of products
  • The location-based production data needs to be calculated nightly to inform the next day’s production targets

Redcliff were relying on a decentralized approach to production that was struggling to keep pace with the changing demands of multiple sites. This was then compounded by the growth of their online store.

Production was split across 5 departments, each one creating a unique range, which required a standardized approach to production quantities. With levels changing nightly to reflect changes in trade, Redcliff knew they were in need of a more versatile approach.

“The end of the day felt like crunch time – there we were struggling to figure out the target production levels for each department so they had the time they needed to prepare.”

Joel Graber, Owner, Redcliff Bakery & Eatery

The team at Redcliff Bakery reached out to Sheetgo and broke down the problem with input from the two owners and later the lead baker.

They explained the need for a scalable approach that could work across multiple locations, coordinate 5 different production departments, and allow for quick changes in the nightly production levels based on the previous day’s end of day inventory and baseline par values.

Nightly production order management using Sheetgo

  • Daily automations are used to generate production levels for the following morning and cover 1,200 updates per month
  • Sheetgo pulls end of day inventory and par values to eliminate manual entry and secure a 13x ROI
  • Data is sent to a dedicated custom dashboard for each of the 5 production departments

By using Sheetgo, Redcliff is now able to automate the daily process of creating the production levels for the next day. By eliminating the time-consuming need for manual entry of end of day inventory and par values, they are able to improve speed while eliminating copy and paste errors.

Each department then receives an updated custom dashboard for the day ahead which only displays data relevant to their specific workflows.

“On the dot, every single day, each department was getting the information they needed, and we didn’t have to do a thing!”

Joel Graber, Owner, Redcliff Bakery & Eatery

Sheetgo allows Redcliff to provide each production department with a focused and up-to-date custom dashboard laying out their production levels for the day ahead.

This allows them to react to seasonal changes in customer buying patterns across 3 physical sites and via their online store.

Delivering a 13x ROI and centralized production

  • 13x ROI allows for a leaner use of resources, providing greater space for expansion
  • Nightly production level calculation powers 5 unique production departments and a team of 30 professionals
  • Manual data migration is no longer needed to consolidate production data from multiple sources

Redcliff’s decision to use Sheetgo delivers a 13x ROI while allowing them to transition to a far more scalable centralized approach to production. By informing a team of 30 professionals spread across 3 physical sites, an online store and 5 production departments, they are able to use data to improve communication across key business functions.

This allows them to better meet the competing needs of deliveries and walk-in orders.

“We were so happy to find an automated solution at such an affordable price. We’re now exploring another way to simplify our work with Sheetgo.”

Joel Graber, Owner, Redcliff Bakery & Eatery

By utilizing Sheetgo, Redcliff is able to efficiently maintain par levels across their 3 stores and manage their new centralized approach to production. They are now able to use a data management tool that will allow them to scale both their range and number of sites efficiently.

They are also currently looking at the prospect of expanding their use of Sheetgo to better analyze distressed goods with the aim of optimizing production by minimizing food waste.

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Redcliff Bakery & Eatery is a Canadian bakery with 3 physical locations and a thriving Shopify store. They are passionate about delivering fresh products that meet the ever-changing demands of their local and online customer bases.

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