Security by design at Sheetgo

As part of our commitment to safety, Sheetgo’s primary security focus is to safeguard our customers’ and users’ data. Our investment in security and privacy utilizes a security framework using best practices in the SaaS industry.


Security culture

Spreadsheets are often used to store sensitive and confidential data. As spreadsheet experts we fully understand your concern regarding data privacy and security. Therefore, Sheetgo has made security and privacy a company priority.

We prioritize security by building a culture of commitment throughout our entire team to provide the most secure solution for our users. Moreover, every employee is legally bound by the terms of their contract to be fully committed to user security.

Recommended for Google Workspace

Sheetgo has been selected for the second year as a “Recommended for Workspace” app after being reviewed by Google and undergoing usability and security testing.

Having passed Google’s rigorous security test is a testament to our commitment to safety and quality. In order to comply with all the security requirements, Sheetgo has completed the Cloud Application Security Assessment (CASA). CASA is a collection of self-adapting questionnaires developed by the App Defense Alliance for evaluating multiple aspects of a vendor’s security and privacy.

GDPR compliance

GDPR outlines requirements for organizations that are headquartered in, or have users in, Europe. It aims to strengthen the protection of personal data. Sheetgo is fully compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”). Read our GDPR guide.

Required permissions

Some permissions to your account are required for Sheetgo to function. The permissions granted are used exclusively for the operation of the product limited to the services offered. Sheetgo does not store any copies of the content of your files. Read our Privacy Policy.