YoungCapital: An automated forecast process centralizing data from 60 locations with Sheetgo

Using Sheetgo, YoungCapital now combines data from 60 different location spreadsheets with other data sources, and centralizes this information in master sheets. This enables them to forecast results quickly and easily, freeing up more time for analysis.

Finding an automated alternative to IMPORTRANGE

  • 100’s of IMPORTRANGE internal errors
  • Incompatibility between Microsoft and Google tools
  • Struggle to create budget forecasts for 60+ locations

YoungCapital Business Control had the task of creating and managing the entire forecast budgeting across all YoungCapital locations globally. The department realised their budget forecasting processes were in trouble when they started to encounter multiple IMPORTRANGE errors in numerous spreadsheets. They reached a point where they believed the only way to stop this was by manually creating 60+ forecast sheets in Excel and sharing them across teams. However, this was a no-go for YoungCapital, as a large part of their middle management had started to work with Chromebooks, and no longer had Office licenses.

“We were finding IMPORTRANGE errors in almost all of our budget forecast spreadsheets. We really thought we’d have to do the whole process manually instead.”

Sophie Kuijpers, Head of IT Operations, YoungCapital

Due to these main challenges of IMPORTRANGE errors, incompatibility between Microsoft and Google tools, and hours upon hours of manual work, YoungCapital reached out to us for a solution. They wanted a completely automated workflow that would create a budget forecast for each of their 60+ locations to better monitor the overall picture. Sheetgo would need to centralize hundreds of data sources and turn these into actionable insights that YoungCapital could use to optimize their budgeting.

Effortless data centralization using Sheetgo

  • Merge to consolidate 611 spreadsheets
  • Flexibility to centralize and decentralize budget data
  • Automatic update schedule for up-to-date insights

With Sheetgo, YoungCapital has built a custom workflow that fully automates their budget forecasting system using Google Sheets. Applying the Merge feature, YoungCapital now creates forecasts for each location by consolidating multiple sheets, in order to estimate current vs planned budgets without any manual effort. Then, YoungCapital merges these 60+ location spreadsheets with other data sources and centralizes this information in a master sheet, for a quick overview of all budgeting forecasts.

“A key advantage for us is the fact we can centralize decentralized data and decentralize centralized data!”

Eric de Boer, Business Controller, YoungCapital

By connecting several data sources with Sheetgo, YoungCapital can centralize decentralized data, and decentralize centralized data whenver they want. What’s more, they can schedule automatic updates to receive the latest insights which are automatically updated across their connections. Finally, Google Sheets and Sheetgo allow the Business Control department to control access to information, so that they can provide stakeholders with insight into their results—and to manage everything centrally.

Saving 57 hours a year to focus more on analysis

  • 57 hours saved every year
  • 1-2 days of work saved every month
  • 100% up-to-date budget forecasting results

Thanks to this new centralized system, YoungCapital now save around 57 hours every single year which they can now dedicate to budgeting analysis. Replacing the previous manual input and transfer of data, 3 YoungCapital employees now save 1-2 days every month with this automated workflow.

“Sheetgo enables our Business Control department to create a simple and efficient forecast process in Google Sheets, it saves us some serious time and money”

Sophie Kuijpers | Head of IT Operations, YoungCapital

YoungCapital no longer have to struggle with IMPORTRANGE formulas, and the system is compatible for all team members thanks to it based solely on Google Sheets. YoungCapital now have their 60+ location forecasts at hand, with the opportunity to easily scale this as their company inevitably grows.

YoungCapital is one of the biggest recruitment agencies in The Netherlands with 60+ locations in nine different European countries. They help boost people’s careers and provide them with the opportunity to work at companies where they can make a difference.

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