Automate up to 70% of your processes with just one tool

Optimize every step of the way

Create customized, scalable workflow solutions to automate entire processes across departments.

Comfortable integrations to create intelligent workflows

Integrate your everyday tools including BigQuery, Excel, Google Sheets, Google Docs, and Gmail.

Powerful data management to utilize your data

Turn your data into practical, digestible insights you can share with your team, no code needed.

Custom schedules to automate your operations

Schedule data automation down to the hour and receive regular updates without having to open your files.

Smart, ready-made solutions to use today

Implement pre-built workflows straight into your daily operations for immediate automation.

Inside your workflow

Oversee your entire workflow and access useful data visualization tools within the web app.


Oversee your entire workflow, who you’re sharing with and when you last updated your connections.


Turn your spreadsheet data into custom forms to automate your inputting process within your workflow.


View your workflow, access your files and edit your connections to continue building your solution.


Receive real-time, visual data insights of your workflow in the form of graphs and charts.

Do more with what you know

Combine your everyday tools with our innovative features for next-level automation.

Data reliability

Create and maintain reliable workflows where you can see exactly where data is coming from.

Custom solution

Create custom solutions that grow alongside your business with a range of data management options.

Data variety

Expand your data horizons by building between different storage folders, files and integrations.

All in one place

Easily transform the tools you already know and use, all within the Sheetgo platform.


Ways you can use Sheetgo across departments

Invoice generator

Manage sales invoicing and payment statuses.

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Inventory with barcode

Check items in and out and monitor stock levels.

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Marketing KPIs

Track and analyze the KPIs for multiple marketing channels.

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Cash flow

Track payments, receipts and your cash balance.

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Transform the way you work

See how other companies big and small have used Sheetgo to enhance their everyday performance with personalized workflow automation.

hmg healthcare

Inventory control system

How a Texas healthcare provider distributes equipment on demand.

hmg healthcare

Weekly accounts

How a crowd-funding platform generates cash flow reports.

Sheetgo´s education use case

Planning school schedules

How a education center organizes sessions for thousands of students.


Expert advice and guidance

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