Marketing KPIs template 

Use this spreadsheet-based marketing KPIs system to collect and analyze data from multiple marketing channels in one central dashboard. Available in Google Sheets or Excel.

Automated digital marketing reports

The Sheetgo marketing KPIs template is a workflow of connected spreadsheets that exchange data between them.

It pulls the latest data from your SEO, SEM, email, and content marketing channels into one central file and dashboard for analysis.

Key features

Data-driven marketing

Accurate data that’s easy to analyze helps you plan and manage better campaigns with your colleagues.

Automated KPI dashboard

Track all your marketing metrics, tests, and experiments with consolidated data from multiple channels.

Easy data sharing

Replace time-consuming manual tasks with an automated workflow. No meetings, emails, or copy-pasting.

Looking for a custom marketing solution?

If you want a tailor-made workflow or need help using the Google Sheets or Excel template, talk to our automation experts.

This app literally saves me every day. Prior to Sheetgo I would have to manually import and extract daily reports out of Oracle multiple times a day. Now I can do more important tasks and even expanded reporting on critical information to hourly updates that would have been impossible.”

Paul Gillings | Regional Operations Manager, Mood Media.