Explore Sheetgo features and get the most out of your workflows

Optimize your workflows to save more time for other valuable tasks like increasing revenue and spending more time with customers.

Automate and schedule the frequency of your data flow

Create automated workflows by connecting data in spreadsheets and enabling Sheetgo’s automatic updates. Make your spreadsheets talk to each other!

Save dynamic data over time by appending

If you work with data that changes over time and you need a tool that allows you to track that data, use Sheetgo´s append feature to do the work!

Bring the data you need from multiple sheets into one master sheet

Import data from multiple spreadsheets into a single spreadsheet tab. You can easily manage numerous data points into one place. Spend your time focused on other value-added tasks.

Combine data from multiple tabular formats

With Sheetgo you can connect data from spreadsheets of different file types, like Excel, Google Sheets, OpenOffice, CSV, and TSV. Fully integrated with Google Drive.

Connect only the data that you need

When connecting and transferring data between spreadsheets you likely don’t need to transfer all of the data. With the Filter, you can transfer only the data that you need. Sometimes less is more!

Connect only the data that matches the colors of your selection

Give your colorful Google Sheets a boost with the filter by color feature. Connect and filter colored data between spreadsheets without complicated conditions and queries.

Your spreadsheet workflows made easy.

What spreadsheets will you connect?