Easy, no code data management directly within your spreadsheet tool.

Google Sheets add-on

Microsoft Excel add-in


Powerful data processing on the go.

Create customized, scalable workflow solutions to automate entire processes across departments.


Transfer your data from one spreadsheet to another seamlessly whilst maintaining the formatting. The best alternative to IMPORTRANGE.


Merge multiple sources of data into a single spreadsheet file. Choose to combine multiple tabs or sheets so your data is easily accessible.


Split your data between different tabs in a single sheet, or multiple spreadsheet files to make large datasets more manageable.


Filter your data by condition, SQL language or cell color to easily transfer specific data into a new or existing spreadsheet file.


Maximize your data with minimum effort.

Oversee your entire workflow and access useful data visualization tools within the web app.

Transfer formatting

Easily move your data between spreadsheets without losing cell and number formatting.

Identify data

Trace the origin of any data value at a glance when merging your data.


Track the historical data of your dynamic values to monitor change with ease.

Offset header

Avoid data malfunctions by adjusting the header row when merging your data.


Connect, automate, go.

Managing your spreadsheet data has never been more convenient and simple.

Work inside your spreadsheet

Connect as you go without having to leave your spreadsheets.

All your data in one place

Connect different file types and integrations such as BigQuery.

Quick and easy connections

Connect your data and receive updates in a matter of seconds.

Automatic updates

Schedule automatic updates customized to your data needs.


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