Better Manage Inventories using Spreadsheets

Do you have inventory data in multiple spreadsheets which is causing inefficiencies in your operations that impact your bottom line?

Organize your data by connecting and automatically transferring data from one spreadsheet to another to create an efficient and accurate inventory management system.

Inventory Management Template

Our template provides you with a plug and play solution!  Automatically manage inventory for your store, school, company, warehouse or any other organization in a simple, automated way.

It includes one sheet for checking-in inventory, one for checking-out inventory, and one to combine the check-in and check-out to create a consolidated database of your current inventory.

Empower your Inventory

Use Google Forms for your inventory to manage inventory changes. Apply Sheetgo’s Connect to connect the Google Forms responses to transfer data between your inventory tracking spreadsheets.

Connect and automate your inventory data to share inventories with colleagues to eliminate the risk of having duplicate versions and false inventory data. Consolidate all data to create a “dashboard”.

School Materials Inventory

Track items used by students in projects with Sheetgo’s features: Automate, Connect and Consolidate. Use Google Forms to register the items needed and check-out from the classes’ inventory.

Sheetgo connects data from various sources allowing you to update automatically. Then, consolidate all data to fill up a master sheet showing you what items should be replenished by teachers.

Inventory Template Dashboard

One sheet to rule them all. You can use automatic updates on the inventory template to make sure that all the data is correct for whenever you need it.

The consolidated master spreadsheet can be used to start every morning to gain insights on daily changes within the inventory which you can then report to your colleagues.

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