Track sales and manage leads

Create a tailor-made workflow to automate tasks at every stage of the funnel. Save time, obtain better data and get your busy sales team collaborating more productively. No coding, no new software, just spreadsheets.

We needed a scoreboard to display on an 80 inch screen the current sales in real time in our sales room. With a small team of 5 sales people keeping a Google sheet updated daily, Sheetgo enabled us to collate that information into one sheet. Great product and very affordable.”

Gordon Buckland | The Concrete Edge Company

Pre-inventory based on sales by sales representatives

Create an automated chain of communication from your sales reps in the field through to inventory management and manufacture.

Manage leads from referral partners for selling courses

Gather leads into a master sheet and provide each referral partner with their own private dashboard.

Create your own automated sales system

Connect spreadsheets to make them work like a database. Automate and collaborate — no coding or specialist software.

Operation templates 

Leads tracking management
Collect sales leads and manage a team of reps.

Service sales report
Generate reports from a client, contract and sales lead data.

Customize my template
Talk to our automation experts about custom project design.

Why Sheetgo?

  • Save time with automatic updates
  • Combine data from Google Sheets, Excel and CSV
  • Consolidate data from multiple sheets into one master sheet
  • Filter and transfer the data you need
  • Create your own custom system
  • Adapt as you go

Connect spreadsheets, automate your work.