Automate production and ordering systems

From independent food producers to industrial giants with multiple sites, busy factories around the world use Sheetgo to automate their tasks and keep production on schedule. Manage your facilities and inventory systems — all from a spreadsheet.

Our factory has about 50 monitors with production schedules run by Sheetgo”

Dawid Zacharzowski | Project manager | Eko Okna

Power dashboards for your production facilities

Consolidate data from your orders system to create automated work schedules for your production teams and generate purchase orders for suppliers.

Connect sales, pre-order and inventory data

Create an automated chain of communication from your sales reps in the field through to inventory management and production.

Build your own automated production system

Make your spreadsheets work like a database. Automate and collaborate — no coding or inflexible software.

Manufacturing templates 

Purchase order management
Collect order requests from colleagues and share supplier data.

Customize my template
Talk to our automation experts about custom project design.

Why Sheetgo?

  • Save time with automatic updates
  • Combine Google Sheets, Excel and CSV
  • Consolidate data from multiple sheets into one master sheet
  • Filter and transfer the data you need
  • Create your own custom workflow
  • Adapt as you go

Connect spreadsheets, automate your work.