WOW Accelerator: Automated KPI reporting system for a national startup accelerator program

Wow Accelerators
Using Sheetgo, WOW Accelerator now save 1300 hours every single year using a custom workflow that automatically generate individual KPI reports for startups. As a result, they now save 2 weeks per month to focus on supporting and guiding their startups.

Manually copy and pasting KPI data from 78 spreadsheets

  • Time consuming to manually transfer all startup data

  • Human input caused major data mistakes
  • Inefficient process led to outdated reports

The team at WOW Accelerator was looking for a way to completely transform and streamline their existing reporting process to analyze startups. Up until this moment, they were manually copy and pasting startup KPI data from various spreadsheets and emails and consolidating them into batches to generate reports. This manual effort was causing problems not only by creating a lot of data inaccuracies, but the time-consuming process meant that by the time the reports were ready, they were already outdated.
“As an Accelerator, one of my roles is to organize the KPI reports for each startup. Doing this manually by copying and pasting was taking up too much time – it was not productive in any way.”

Felipe Garcia, Head of Accelerators | WOW Accelerator

WOW Accelerator reached out to Sheetgo for a unique KPI reporting system that would automate the consolidation of KPI data, as well as the organization of this data to generate reports seamlessly. They were particularly looking for a way to save them loads of hours of work which they could then use to focus on analyzing these reports to help improve startup strategies.

Automated monthly reporting process using Sheetgo

  • Merge to consolidate 78 spreadsheets

  • Visualization of data through custom dashboard

  • Automatic generation of individual KPI reports

With Sheetgo, WOW Accelerator now have a fully customized KPI reporting solution that automates their entire process from start to finish. Using the Merge feature, all batches of startup KPI data is consolidated into one large master sheet. Then, using Merge again, these master sheets are combine to create a giant dashboard, where the team can easily visualize various data in a more digestible way.
“I didn’t realize how much time could be saved until we used Sheetgo to automate our process”

Felipe Garcia, Head of Accelerators | WOW Accelerator

Finally, using Sheetgo Filters, specific data from each startup is segmented and transferred to create individual KPI reports. These are saved as Google Sheets, making them easy to share with the startup companies as well as collaborate in real time. With this system, not only do WOW Accelerator have their own giant dashboard to visualize all startup KPI insights in one place, but they now also have dedicated reports ready to send to potential investors.

Saving 2 weeks per month to focus on startup support

  • 1300 hours saved every year

  • 14 days saved per month

  • 100% up-to-date insights on each startup performance

Thanks to Sheetgo, WOW Accelerator now saves a whole 2 weeks of work every single month by replacing their old system with a tailored, automated solution. What’s more, they can now create their own custom automation schedule to keep their insights up-to-date for accurate KPI reporting. No more manual errors or outdated insights!
“We are really happy with the support of Sheetgo. I can’t imagine working on the same manual tasks again.”

Felipe Garcia, Head of Accelerators | WOW Accelerator

The WOW Accelerator team no longer have to worry about manually inputting and managing complex KPIs from their hundreds of startups. Instead, they now have an extra 100+ hours every month to dedicate to creating actionable insights from these KPI reports, and guiding their startups to success.
Wow Aceleradora
WOW is one of the first startup accelerators in southern Brazil. It has the support of 220 investors who provide accelerated startups with extensive networking assistance and guidance, sharing their expertise in various sectors of the economy. WOW has raised more than R$ 22 million, invested in 73 startups and made 4 exits.
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