Income statement template

Use this spreadsheet-based income statement generator to combine revenue and expenses data from different files and analyze company income in the automated dashboard. Available in Excel or Google Sheets.

Create automated income statements

The Sheetgo income statement template is a workflow of connected spreadsheets that exchange data between them.

It enables you to combine income and expenses data from multiple files automatically to create an income statement that’s always up to date.

Key features

Secure collaboration

Connected spreadsheets give you control over data access while allowing your team to share financial data.

Fast reporting

The template gathers data from multiple files automatically, giving you the latest figures in the income statement.

Save time

The automated workflow processes data for you — no more copy-pasting, emails, or outdated file versions.

Looking for a custom financial reporting system?

If you’d like a tailor-made workflow for your business or you need help adapting the Excel or Google Sheets income statement template, talk to our automation experts.

I use Sheetgo to pull data from multiple Google Sheets that are created automatically from emailed reports. Its ability to filter and export data is very helpful and the team is very responsive.”

Max Thomas | Independent Consultant.