Budget vs actual template

Use this spreadsheet-based budget vs actual system to compare your real income and expenses data with forecasts, and generate automated budget reports. Available in Google Sheets or Excel.

Automated budget vs actual analysis

The Sheetgo budget vs actual template is a workflow of connected spreadsheets that exchange data between them.

This enables you to collect and combine financial data from different colleagues or departments to generate automated budget vs actual, expenses, and income reports.

Key features

Keep spending in check

Track the variance between your budgeted and real income and outgoings to identify problems and create better forecasts.

Automated dashboards

The template combines data from multiple files automatically so you can analyze income, expenses, and profits at a glance.

Save time and save money

Replace copy-pasting and manual data collection with an automated data workflow, entirely in spreadsheets.

Looking for a custom-built budgeting solution?

If you need a more complex budget management system, or you’d like help using the Google Sheets or Excel template, talk to our automation experts.

Sheetgo has really enabled our budgeting and forecasting to take off and be a seamless/integrated process.”

Jimmy Webb | Senior Finance Analyst, Quantum Spatial