Gradebooks management template

Use this spreadsheet-based gradebook management system to collect data from teachers automatically and monitor student grades in the automated dashboards. Available in Google Sheets or Excel.

An automated grades tracker

The Sheetgo gradebooks management template is a workflow of connected spreadsheets that exchange data between them. 

It enables teachers and school administrators to share student data and generate automated grade reports without copy-pasting, shared files, or email attachments.

Key features

Teacher-friendly system

The plug-and-play template is quick and easy for teachers to use. An easy way to track grades and monitor performance.

Automated grades reports

Get instant reports for every class, student and teacher. Check the latest data from across the school in the dashboards.

Save admin time

Gather grade records from teachers automatically without copy-pasting, emails or back-and-forth communication.

Looking for a custom gradebooks management system?

If you need a more complex workflow for your school, or you’d like help adapting your Excel or Google Sheets template, book a call with our automation experts.

I use Sheetgo to selectively share data and use the automatic update feature to update the sheet at midnight, so teachers always have the most current information”

Diana Boisvert, Centre Director | Grande Prairie Public Schools