Attendance management template

Use this Google Sheets-based attendance management template to track and analyze elementary, college or university students’ attendance.

Collaborate with teachers, collect data from different classes and manage everything in an automated dashboard. 

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Attendance management template overview

Attendance classes template in google sheets

Use this tab to register the attendance of your students in elementary, college or university classes. Then, keep track of students total presence on the left. Bring the data from here to your dashboard by the click of a button, or schedule to do it automatically!

attendance management template per student

In this overview, you can track the total attendance of a student. Such as, total present, tardy, excused and unexcused students per class. The list is automated and will also transfer this data to the dashboard.

Attendance dashboard template google sheets

The Attendance Management spreadsheet is the master one. The dashboard contains attendance per class, monthly presence rate, excused vs unexcused, and tardy students. All tables are automated!

Track attendance template google sheets

Monitor invalid schooldays and holidays. The data is generated automatically. All you have to do is fill out the row “VALID DAY”. Useful for when there are non-mandatory classes. The template can be used for elementary, college or university.

Overview of attendance management template google sheets

This spreadsheet-based Attendance Tracking system is composed of four spreadsheets connected to each other using Sheetgo. As a result, the network view shows the workflow you´ve created to manage the attendance of your classes.

attendance management template google drive

Sheetgo will automatically organize the spreadsheets in your Google Drive. Since these are spreadsheets you have total freedom to change and personalize your spreadsheet-based Attendance Management Template.

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