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Sheetgo Forms

Turn your Google Sheets into forms

Share with anybody

Build a database

Automate processes

Create forms in seconds


Select an existing spreadsheet

Edit column headers as you would like them to appear in the form. Include advanced configurations to fully customize the end result.


Transform it into a form

Share it to get responses. Data from submissions will be sent to the original spreadsheet or to a new one.

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Why Sheetgo Forms?

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Start from a spreadsheet

All column headers will be turned into form fields. The format for each one will be configured automatically.

Use it on any device

Fill Sheetgo forms on the fly with your phone or from the comfort of your computer. Input is not lost if your internet connection fails.

Enjoy extreme flexibility

Need to add a new question? No problem, just update the original spreadsheet and keep collecting responses.

Automate your data processes

Implement Sheetgo workflows to automate entire business processes. Feed crucial data into your processes with forms.

What’s best? It’s free

You would expect this feature to come with a hefty price tag, but it’s not the case

Enjoy exclusive features

All the tools you need to get the job done


Ensure data quality and make it easier for everybody


Make fields change dynamically as users input information


Data validation

Make sure users are filling in valid data

Barcode scanner

Use your computer or cellphone to scan bar codes easily

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Frequently asked questions

Check out our learning center if your question isn’t covered below.

Are Sheetgo Forms free?

Yes, Sheetgo Forms are free to use under any of our plans. You can start with the free plan, or upgrade to other tiers to get extra usage and more advanced features. Check our pricing page for detailed information.

How are Sheetgo forms better than other forms?

Sheetgo forms are unique because of their integration with Google Sheets. This integration enables simple data processing and advanced analysis. Key advantages include:

  • Seamless Google Sheets Integration: Create forms directly from spreadsheet columns.
  • Advanced Customization: Include conditional fields for dynamic forms that change with user input.
  • Streamlined Workflows: Adopt Sheetgo’s data management platform to automate workflows and process data.

What are form configurations?

Sheetgo form configurations define the appearance and behavior of your form. They are set using square brackets in column headers. For example, a cell that contains “Email* [default:email]” will translate into a mandatory field named “Email” with the user’s email auto-filled as a default value. Amongst other things you can modify field types, set required fields, and establish default values.

Visit the detailed guide with all the possible configurations.

How secure are Sheetgo Forms?

Security is our top priority. Sheetgo Forms uses industry-standard security measures to ensure your data is protected, including SSL encryption for data in transit and secure, compliant data centers for data storage. We regularly update our systems and protocols to maintain high security and privacy standards.

Can I restrict access to Sheetgo forms?

Absolutely! You have different access levels to choose from:
Restricted: Only workflow users can submit responses.
Published to restricted users: Only specific users can submit responses.
Published to domain users: Anyone from your domain can submit responses.
Publish to the web: Anyone on the web can submit responses, even users without Sheetgo accounts.

What happens to the data collected through Sheetgo Forms?

Data from Sheetgo forms is updated in real-time, choose between sending it to the original Google Sheet or to a new spreadsheet. You can then use Sheetgo’s features to organize, analyze, or integrate this data with other tools and platforms as part of your workflow.

Can I edit a form after publishing it?

Yes, you can edit a form after publishing it. To change form fields, just edit the corresponding columns in the original Google Sheet. Finally, sync the form again to reflect all changes.

Is there a mobile app for Sheetgo forms?

Not yet there isn’t. But we are working on an app specifically for forms so you can have the best experience on the fly. Regardless, you can open and fill forms easily on your phone with your favorite browser.