Sales templates

Do you have multiple spreadsheets with information on closed sales and sales prospects, which makes managing your sales process slow and cumbersome?

With Sheetgo you can automatically transfer data between spreadsheets to efficient sales management processes saving you time and money.

Manage Sales Leads

Use our free Sales Lead Template to centralize sales leads from your infield sales reps into a single sales management spreadsheet.

Create a dashboard with statistics on the performance of your sales reps and provide a snapshot of your sales pipeline.

Manage your Sales orders

Connecting and automating your purchase orders spreadsheets from your infield sales reps allows you to centralize purchase orders and measure sales rep performance in a single spreadsheet.

You are now able to organize data from all of your in field sales reps in a single place to make order processing quicker and more efficient.

Share Commissions with Sales Colleagues

Use Sheetgo’s Automatic updates feature to connect individual spreadsheets from your sales colleagues to create a living master database.

Now you can use the living master database to organize commission payment, feed periodic reporting, planning and long term strategy and thus optimize your Sales results.

Your spreadsheet workflows made easy.

What spreadsheets will you connect?

Create workflows from your spreadsheet

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