Marketing templates

Do you have multiple spreadsheets with information on Marketing KPIs, Marketing SEO, SEM Landing pages and Acquisition which makes your marketing process difficult to follow?

With Sheetgo you can automatically transfer data between spreadsheets to efficient marketing management processes saving you time and money.

Create Historical Google Analytics Data

Connect your G Analytics data to G Sheets and automate this process using the G Analytics’ Add-on. Then, continue to automate with Sheetgo’s Append to record this data to have historical data.

Finally, automate this process using Sheetgo’s Automatic Updates feature which allows you to always have the data recorded whenever you desire.

Manage Marketing KPIs

Pull together all your Marketing data using Sheetgo’s feature Consolidate into one single Spreadsheet. This allows you to use just one spreadsheet to monitor all your Marketing KPIs.

Use Sheetgo’s feature Filter, to filter out only the KPIs that you need, for example, to present to your stakeholders and investors.

Social Media Analytics to Google Sheets

Download the analytics of Facebook, LinkedIn or YouTube into your Google Drive as a CSV or XLS file. Then, simply connect the CSV or XLS file to your Google Sheets using Sheetgo’s feature Connect.

Now you are able to analyze your Social Media data from spreadsheets, share with your colleagues to make decisions on where to focus your resources.

Boost Super Metrics with Sheetgo

Analyze and cross data using Sheetgo leads to even finer conclusions and end analysis. Connect all marketing channels in Google Sheets through Supermetrics, then merge it using Sheetgo.

Connect data to your Google Sheets in different tabs ordered by dates. Then, put all data together using Sheetgo’s Consolidate. Track daily metrics of your data using Sheetgo’s Append.

Your spreadsheet workflows made easy.

What spreadsheets will you connect?

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