Inventory lending template

Use this spreadsheet-based inventory lending system to check borrowed items in and out, and monitor stock levels. Ideal for libraries, IT equipment loaning, or rental and hire businesses. Available in Excel or Google Sheets.

Track lent and borrowed items

The Sheetgo inventory lending template is a workflow of connected spreadsheets that exchange data between them.

Check items in and out in separate files and monitor your inventory in the automated master sheet and dashboard.

Key features

Easy to use

Staff can quickly log items in and out in the spreadsheets — no specialist inventory lending software required.

Monitor stock levels

Track available items in the automated dashboard and identify overdue items or shortages.

Automated system

Keep up-to-date with accurate information from multiple synchronized files, all in one place.

Looking for a custom solution for your store or library?

If you need a tailor-made inventory lending system or help using the Excel or Google Sheets template, talk to our automation experts.

So far this has been very useful, allowing me to confidentially keep track of our inventory. Thanks guys”

John Hendricks