OKRs template

Use this spreadsheet-based OKR tracking system with automated dashboards to plan and monitor individual and team OKRs for multiple company departments. Available in Excel or Google Sheets.

Automated OKR tracking

The Sheetgo OKRs template is a workflow of connected spreadsheets that exchange data between them.

Each department can plan their objectives and key results and monitor progress as a team while sharing data with central managers automatically.

Key features

Easy to use and customize for your team

Based entirely in spreadsheets, this automated OKRs system can be expanded and adapted for your company.

Automated OKRs dashboard

Each team manages their own targets while managers get an overview of departmental and company-wide progress.

Centralize data automatically

Replace meetings and emails with an automated workflow that lets you share data without sharing the same spreadsheet.

Looking for a custom performance management solution?

If you want a more complex OKRs tracking system, or you need help using the Google Sheets or Excel template, talk to our automation experts.

Your product is continually evolving and does amazing things to speed up work productivity”

Roderick Vichi |  Senior Operations Manager, Diversey