Sheetgo Dropbox integration

Connect Excel and CSV files stored in Dropbox to create automated workflows. 

Push and pull data between spreadsheets and combine or distribute information to multiple other files.

Key benefits

Automated reporting

Generate automatic reports and feed dashboards with accurate data. Keep tabs on your team and control data access with separate, but connected, sheets in Dropbox.

Save time on data management

Move data between files seamlessly. No manual work or copy-pasting. Import and export data between Dropbox and Google Drive files and set automatic updates.

Cross-cloud collaboration

Share data with clients or colleagues using different cloud storage platforms. Data flows back and forth between Google Drive and Dropbox in an automated workflow.

Connect files stored in Dropbox

Connect spreadsheets stored in Dropbox for automated team collaboration.

  • Automatically connect, merge, filter, and append your files stored in Dropbox
  • Send and get the most accurate data from your team — by scheduling automatic updates
  • Create workflows straight from your Dropbox file