UrbanGlass: Automated bookkeeping and payroll management with Sheetgo


UrbanGlass is a leading artist-access glass center with a passion for connecting with creatives from all walks of life.

UrbanGlass uses Sheetgo to automatically convert bookkeeping spreadsheets to PDF and disseminate via email. They used to spend 2 hours every fortnight on manual data distribution. With Sheetgo this has been reduced to just 30 minutes.

Needed a fresh alternative to IMPORTRANGE

  • Data-critical payroll and bookkeeping for multiple artists
  • Needed extra automation of Google Workspace solutions
  • Irregular payments caused significant manual entry

UrbanGlass was using Google Workspace but found IMPORTRANGE and syncing errors were causing issues with billing and payroll.

This resulted in significant manual rework and gave their previous system a reputation for unreliability and inaccuracy.

“Sheetgo works! It is dependable, bullet-proof, and support is always there when you need it.”

Jeff Bush, Director of Finance, UrbanGlass

UrbanGlass wanted a reliable, intuitive and reliable solution that would never let them down. They also wanted it to be highly automated to save time and reduce the likelihood of manual entry errors occurring.

Because artists are only paid commission when a sale is made, significant manual time was spent making and processing irregular payments. Automating this process would save time and eliminate errors.

Smart bookkeeping using Sheetgo

  • Invoicing based around flexible variables, no presets
  • Glass artists need accurate biweekly payroll details
  • Departmental data automatically added to master budget

UrbanGlass uses Sheetgo to automatically update their master budget by moving department data to the relevant input fields. By converting all docs to PDF, and automatically sending out payroll to the respective artist via Gmail, they can streamline data distribution throughout the business.

Invoicing is now flexible and no longer based around restrictive preset variables as this is not reflective of how they work as a business. By automatically adding departmental data to the master budget, they can see at glance how the overall business is performing.

“It’s a god’s gift really, it works really well!”

Jeff Bush, Director of Finance, UrbanGlass

The Sheetgo solution allows each artist to be sent a fortnightly PDF via Gmail that itemizes where their money comes from: what they sold, their hourly rate, etc.

They are also creating a second implementation to ensure irregular payments to artists are paid quickly and accurately, eliminating delays and errors due to manual entry constraints.

75% reduction in bookkeeping time

  • 2 hours a fortnight reduced to just 30 minutes
  • No more manual entry errors or delays due to manual correction
  • Data readily available to key decision makers

Sheetgo enables UrbanGlass to reduce their bookkeeping time by 75%, giving them back 3 hours a month to spend on higher value tasks.

They have also been able to move beyond the uncertainty and lack of information the artists had about their payrolls.

“In the past, I devoted 2 hours every 2 weeks just to do payroll. Now because of Sheetgo and other Google Sheets improvements it’s down to half an hour.”

Jeff Bush, Director of Finance, UrbanGlass

By using Sheetgo, UrbanGlass is now able to reduce their bookkeeping time by 3 hours per month while eliminating manual entry errors. This has resulted in a much more accurate master budget that’s always up to date and reflective of the true performance of the business.

They have also laid the groundwork for an automated artist reimbursement function that will allow them to pay commissions at irregular intervals.

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UrbanGlass fosters experimentation and advances the use and critical understanding of glass as a creative medium. They were the first, and now the largest, artist-access glass center in America.

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